What Actors From “The Office” Look Like Now and What They’re Doing

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It has been 17 years since we first met the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company’s office crew. From 2005, Michael Scott and his team brought smiles to over 8 million people all over the world. And that didn’t stop when the show ended. In 2020, 7 years after the show aired its last episode, The Office was one of the most-streamed TV shows on Netflix.

We at Bright Side love all the diverse characters in this show and decided to find out what they are up to today.

1. Michael Scott portrayed by Steve Carell

For his role as branch manager, Carrell earned multiple nominations and Emmy Awards. But, after 7 seasons, he decided to leave the show to spend more time with his family. Today, Steve is a beloved, full-fledged movie star with several big nomination awards.

After The Office, he also starred in other TV shows: The Morning Show and Space Force. Steve’s other big career achievement is voicing Gru in the “Despicable Me” movies.

2. Jim Halpert portrayed by John Krasinski

In his role as Jim, John was considered the most handsome man among his co-workers in the office. But after the show ended, by starring in horror and action genres like A Quiet Place and Jack Ryan, Krasinski proved that he can play more than just a lovable office worker with a romantic storyline.

But, John did more than just act in recent years. He also produced several movies, such as A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place Part II.

3. Pam Beesly portrayed by Jenna Fischer

After being everyone’s favorite receptionist, Jenna starred in the popular sitcom, Splitting Up with Oliver Hudson. She also launched a podcast, Office Ladies, with her co-star Angela Kinsey, which is dedicated to all things The Office.

4. Dwight Schrute portrayed by Rainn Wilson

Even though we can’t imagine him in other roles than a great salesman and beet farmer, Rainn maintained a stable acting career after the show ended. Most recently, he appeared in the series Mom and Room 104.

5. Angela Martin portrayed by Angela Kinsey

Since starring as a cat-loving, petite accountant, Angela has been a television mainstay. She appeared on shows such as The Hotwives of Orlando, Hot in Cleveland, A.P. Bio, and Fresh Off the Boat. Kinsey also made a guest appearance in Splitting Up Together with her co-star Jenna Fischer before they started their podcast Office Ladies.

6. Stanley Hudson portrayed by Leslie David Baker

Even though while watching The Office we witnessed that Stanley couldn’t wait to retire, after the show aired its last episode, Leslie didn’t put an end to his career. Since then, he has had recurring roles on Disney’s Puppy Dog Pals and CMT’s Still the King. He also appeared on shows like Life in Pieces, Scorpion, and Raven’s Home.

In 2020, Baker launched a Kickstarter spinoff of his Office character called Uncle Stan.

7. Meredith Palmer portrayed by Kate Flannery

The Office was Kate’s big break. Before she was cast in the show, she had only minor roles on Crossballs: The Debate Show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and The Bernie Mac Show. But after the show ended, she bounced between appearing in digital shorts, making guest roles on television series, and lending her voice to several video games.

8. Phyllis Vance portrayed by Phyllis Smith

Smith was working in the casting department before the writers of The Office cast her for the role of Phyllis. After the show ended, in 2015, Phyllis won the Annie Award for Voice Acting for her role as Sadness in Inside Out. In recent years, she also had a recurring role in The OA.

9. Oscar Martinez portrayed by Oscar Nuñez

Oscar is an established actor and comedian, who headlined several series, including People of Earth and Benched. But after his big break in The Office, Nuñez guest starred in some of the most popular TV shows, such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, and Shameless.

10. Darryl Philbin portrayed by Craig Robinson

Before he was cast for the role of Darryl, Craig had his big break as a stand-up comedian. During the run of the series, Robinson’s recognizability increased even more by starring in well-known comedies such as Pineapple Express, Knocked Up, and Hot Tub Time Machine.

After The Office, Craig contained to star in comedy movies and TV shows, and he also started his own sitcom, Mr. Robinson.

11. Kevin Malone portrayed by Brian Baumgartner

Just like his co-stars, Brian had a steady acting career in the years after the show. He made guest appearances on Chicago Fire and Criminal Minds, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Recently, he also executive produced and hosted the Spotify podcast An Oral History of The Office.

12. Andy Bernard portrayed by Ed Helms

During his Office tenure, Ed had his box office success by starring in the role of Stu in The Hangover trilogy. After the office, Helms continued starring in movies such as Tag, Vacation, Together Together, and Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie.

13. Kelly Kapoor portrayed by Mindy Kaling

Mindy was not only an actress on the show, but one of the writers, too. And, following her appearance on The Office, Kaling went on to create, write, produce, and star in her show The Mindy Project.

After starring in the Office, she co-created, wrote, and executive produced the show Never Have I Ever and starred in movies such as A Wrinkle in Time, Late Night, and Ocean’s 8.

14. Toby Flenderson portrayed by Paul Lieberstein

Paul wasn’t only an HR in the show, but he was also a writer and a producer. But, since the end of The Office, Paul stayed behind the camera as a writer and executive producer, making only a guest appearance in The Mindy Project. Throughout the past decade, Lieberstein produced and wrote for the shows The Newsroom, Space Force, and Ghosted.

15. Creed Bratton portrayed by Creed Bratton

Bratton, much like his character on the show, has laid low since the mockumentary came to an end. He has only taken a couple of small roles, guest-starring on shows such as Franklin & Bash, Adventure Time, Grace and Frankie, and Garfunkel and Oates.

16. Ryan Howard portrayed by B.J. Novak

Just like his co-stars, Paul and Mindy, Novak also started as a writer on the show but decided to step in front of the camera as the office temp. After the ending of The Office, B.J. has continued both writing and acting. In 2014, he also released a short stories collection titled One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories.

17. Erin Hannon portrayed by Ellie Kemper

After starring in the sitcom, Ellie played the lead role in The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt from 2015 to 2020. This earned her an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. She also starred in the romantic comedies They Came Together and Sex Tape.

Which Office character was your favorite and which one made you laugh the most? From 1 to 10, how would you rate the show?


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