What Do Your Doodles Say About You?

10 months ago

Those different doodles that we draw unconsciously while talking to someone on the phone or during a meeting can reveal quite a bit about our personalities and the motives behind our actions.

When we doodle, our pen is guided by our subconscious mind, which holds our thoughts and secrets and takes control of our behavior. Bright Side wants to tell you about the true meanings of the patterns we scribble unconsciously on a daily basis.

Figures of people

If you doodle little people, you probably feel insecure and helpless or try to get away from some of your responsibilities. Drawing simple stick figures indicates that you’re emotionally unstable and feel the need to isolate yourself from other people.


Doodles of eyes represent the inner self of the person drawing them. Big eyes show an outgoing personality, staring eyes symbolize the feeling of being watched and closed eyes may indicate a refusal to look inside yourself.

Your signature

Signature doodlers are egocentric and arrogant. Doodling your signature often, without thinking, during a conversation or while trying to solve a problem, reveals a self-centered personality.


The type of animal you scribble speaks volumes about your current emotions and personality. A tiger or a wolf reveals a hidden unexpressed anger; if it’s a fox — you probably want to do something sly; drawing a squirrel shows that you’re in need of care and protection; lions are usually drawn by those who feel superior and better than other people. If you doodle the same animal time after time, that means you compare yourself to it unconsciously and try to imitate its character.

Squares, diamonds and other geometric figures

You have clearly defined goals and beliefs and rarely keep your opinions to yourself. You are stubborn and insistent. You’re usually overly cautious and careful — we suggest that you rethink your attitude on this.


Arrows symbolize a vector, your direction in life. If the arrow is pointing upwards — you’re a people oriented person, if it points down — you’re self-focused; a leftward arrow means that you’re stuck in the past, and if it points to the right, you look forward to the future.


You want to be the center of attention; you want all eyes on you when you walk into a room and to turn heads wherever you go, but if the stars you draw have too many points or if they are drawn separately from the center, it could be a sign that you are suffering from depression.

Flowers, clouds and sun

Drawing perky-looking flowers and the sun while talking on the phone indicates that you’re satisfied about what’s going on and probably fantasise about the good things awaiting you in your future. These scribbles reveal your positive attitude and the fact that you are in good spirits.


These could mean that you’re feeling guilty over something, or blame yourself for your mistakes.

Little houses and boxes

Symmetrical shapes reveal your love of order and your disposition to thoroughly plan and calculate things. You know exactly what you want, your life goals are set and you will stand by your opinion no matter what.


It looks like recently you found yourself in a particularly unpleasant and uncomfortable situation. If drawings like these are constantly present, chances are you’re probably dealing with some hidden issues that have something to do with your inability to resolve a particular situation, or you’re trying to find yourself and your mission in life and have doubts about the path you’re on.

Beehive patterns

Your number one priority is to maintain peace and harmony in your life, and you also want to settle down and maybe start a family.


Other people’s problems don’t bother you much. In your head, you always solve different problems and think about tasks. Maybe you are a genius?

Circles and rings

Circular shapes represent a need to find unity. ’"I feel left out in this world." That’s what your doodles say about you. If you draw circles unconsciously, this probably means you’re in need of a friend and some attention, which, in the end, may lead to depression, so take care. Or maybe you’re just an introvert who doesn’t need too much communication.


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How does drawing a fox make one have sly traits? What if that's your favorite animal? What the heck


This helps a lot, the animal part is my favorite I draw foxes all the time and what do you know, I am sly!

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