What Famous Actresses With Unusual Appearances Would Look Like If They Underwent Popular Beauty Procedures

3 years ago

Beauty standards change as quickly as fashion trends. Not that long ago, thin eyebrows were super trendy, while today, we have totally different ideas of what’s pretty. These trends can be easily found in everyday celebrities who demonstrate perfect faces and smiles. However, there are some famous people who don’t care much about fashion trends and have opted for natural beauty and charisma. And their unusual appearance has helped them earn the love of viewers from all over the world.

At Bright Side, we decided to improvise a bit and have a look at what famous actresses with unusual appearances would look like if they followed modern beauty trends.

Olivia Colman

Vanessa Paradis

Rossy de Palma

Sarah Jessica Parker

Bette Midler

Anjelica Huston

Elisabeth Moss

Glenn Close

Tilda Swinton

Laura Dern

Sarah Paulson

Hilary Swank

Barbra Streisand

Eva Green

Lisa Kudrow

Melissa McCarthy

Uma Thurman

Chloë Sevigny

Julia Roberts

Which of these actresses became prettier in your opinion? Tell us in the comments below.


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...you're kidding me right? since when is having a slightly rounder face an unusual appearance? most of the pictures were just edited to give the actresses a thinner face


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