What Might Happen If You Sleep With Your Socks On

2 years ago

When it comes to wearing socks to bed, it’s all down to our personal preferences. Some people can’t fall asleep if they don’t have their warm socks on, and others can’t bear the thought of sweating at night and go to bed barefoot. But as it turns out, sleeping with your socks on can have some less-than-pleasant consequences, and if you’re used to leaving your socks on overnight, you may want to reconsider this habit.

The Bright Side team is also divided between people who sleep with their socks on and those who never do it. And we decided to find out what happens if you wear your favorite socks all night long.

1. If might affect your blood flow.

There’s no doubt wearing socks to bed feels warm and cozy and can even temporarily increase your blood circulation. But if you keep your socks on for a long period of time, it actually begins to work the other way around, decreasing your blood flow. If you have a habit of wearing your socks overnight, in the long run, it might cause your blood flow to slow down.

2. You may have a higher risk of skin infections.

Your favorite socks with funny designs can make you laugh and brighten up your mood, even on a gloomy day, but pay attention to the fabric they are made of. Synthetic materials, such as polyester, rayon, or nylon, aren’t skin-friendly and don’t let your feet breathe. Night sweats are quite common, and if you sleep under a heavy blanket, the moist and warm environment creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that can affect your feet. If some harsh chemicals, such as dyes and resins, were used to treat your socks, chances are you may develop irritation and rashes, also known as clothing dermatitis.

3. Your socks might leave painful marks on your skin.

If you’ve ever noticed reddish itchy marks your socks leave on your feet, then the elastic bands that hold the socks in place are probably too tight. When you leave your socks on overnight, you might wake up with painful, irritated marks on your skin that will need some time to go away. Just like any tight-fitting piece of clothing, socks with tight elastic bands may restrict blood flow, causing swelling.

4. It may affect your body temperature.

When you’re resting at night, your body continues to work, and there’s actually a lot going on while you sleep. Your body temperature changes several times during the night, and we sleep better when we’re cooler. If you wear socks that aren’t made of breathable fabrics, your body temperature might rise, disturbing your sleep.

Do you wear socks to bed? Do you sleep better with or without socks?

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