What Might Happen to Your Body If You Stop Eating Salt Completely

3 years ago

Many of us have been focusing on eating less salt and in some cases have ignored it completely because salt is considered bad for our health. Well, this is not all true, after all, salt is an important electrolyte that helps our body work normally. If you have decided to avoid salt, make sure you don’t remove it completely and try to understand how the body will react to this new change.

There are many diets that advise avoiding salt and that’s why we at Bright Side wanted to share with you the effects of low sodium and to show you that, for some diets, you should consult with doctors first.

1. You might start gaining weight.

Iodized salt is important for your hormones and if you completely cut out your salt intake, your iodine sources will become limited. As a result, you might start to gain weight, have a puffy face, dry skin, and experience muscle weakness and fatigue.

2. It might affect your heart.

A low sodium diet has been shown to offer many benefits, especially for people with heart issues. But this might not be the case for everyone, especially if your heart is in perfect health. Because there is a study that showed when we eat less and also too much salt, it can make things worse for the heart condition we already have.

3. It can increase insulin resistance.

Studies have shown that when we don’t get enough sodium in our diet it can affect our insulin resistance. This means that our body won’t respond well to insulin and it could lead to higher blood sugar.

4. You might experience symptoms of dehydration.

When the sodium levels drop drastically in the blood, you might experience symptoms that are very similar to dehydration. So, you might have a dry mouth, feel dizzy, feel thirsty, and have less frequent trips to the bathroom.

5. You might start feeling nauseous.

Not eating salt can have a major impact on cholesterol levels. While this usually doesn’t have early symptoms, it can attack other parts of your body, including your heart. One of the symptoms that you might experience is nausea.

Do you follow a low sodium diet? Do you like salty food or not? Have you ever thought about completely removing salt from your diet, or maybe you have done it before?

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Eh it's basically impossible to stop eating salt because it's in most products anyway


in 2018 i got sick and ended up not eating or drinking anything for a week or so ( could not keep it down no matter how much I tried ) , I ended up in the hospital for a couple of nights with an inflammation in the pancreas.


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