What Miss Universe Winners the World Adored Look Like Nowadays

4 years ago

A beauty contest is a really spectacular event, especially if it’s the Miss Universe competition. Today, we’d like to remember some winners of the past years and find out whether they’ve changed or not. We were really amazed: time can’t beat natural beauty. Do you believe us? Read this article then.

Bright Side likes to see changes in people through the years. This time, we want to focus on the Miss Universe winners of the past. Thanks to these incredible ladies, we’re not afraid of time anymore!

Lorraine Downes, New Zealand

Barbara Palacios Teide, Venezuela

Cecilia Bolocco, Chile

Porntip Nakhirunkanok, Thailand

Angela Visser, Netherlands

Mona Grudt, Norway

Lupita Jones, Mexico

Michelle McLean, Namibia

Dayanara Torres, Puerto Rico

Sushmita Sen, India

Chelsi Smith, USA

Alicia Machado, Venezuela

Brook Mahealani Lee, USA

Wendy Fitzwilliam, Trinidad and Tobago

Mpule Kwelagobe, Botswana

Larra Dutta, India

Oksana Fedorova, Russia

Amelia Vega, Dominican Republic

Natalie Glebova, Canada

Dayana Mendoza, Venezuela

Who impressed you the most? Yes, we know, the question is really difficult since all the girls are amazing!


But one is like: "When you're smiling allover, but you’re eyes don't know.“
Most of the women are more attractive in the 2018 pictures in all honesty.

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