What the Way You Use Your Phone Can Reveal About You

2 years ago

Women spend an average of 600 minutes on a cell phone every day, compared to 459 minutes for men, a study says. This time is usually spent on work-related tasks (like sending e-mails) as well as social media surfing. However, this is not just about the numbers — in fact, phone usage can reveal a lot about your personality.

Since today’s phones are literally a continuation of our hands, we at Bright Side thought it would be interesting to find out what research says about the way we use them.

1. Checking your phone too often

Being constantly dependent on your phone may signify a level of impulsiveness, a study suggests. It says that people addicted to their phones may be more emotional than those who use them so rarely that they can spend an entire day on it while still keeping a nearly full battery.

2. Not using it that much

According to a study, people who use their phones more often have higher levels of stress. And stress, in its turn, makes them feel less satisfied with their lives. On the contrary, not being addicted to your phone can prevent this from happening.

3. Spending more than an hour on it

It may be an indicator of depression, one study says. Usage duration and frequency of phones were found to be associated with greater levels of depressive symptom severity.

4. Using it after midnight

study revealed that people who use their phones frequently after midnight are more likely to have poorer sleep. And as sleep loss affects our mood greatly, it may make us more nervous and anxious. As for the opposite, people with a higher sense of duty usually stop using their phones before midnight.

5. Waiting until it’s properly charged

This behavior, as research showed, is a predictor of one’s organizational tendencies. Conscientious people don’t like when the battery is low, and those with a higher need for order were predicted to usually have charges above 60%.

6. Making and receiving too many calls

Research showed that more open people tend to make fewer phone calls than others. On the contrary, extroverted people make and receive more irregular calls (at night too), and use WhatsApp more frequently.

How much time do you spend on your phone? Do you recognize any of these traits in yourself?

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