What Type of Hair Parting Fits You Better According to Your Face Type

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3 years ago

Becoming instantly more attractive without having to pay large sums of money or go to plastic surgeons is not only possible but also free. Or almost, at least. All face types have beautiful features that deserve to be emphasized. The key is finding what these are and drawing attention to them while balancing other features. This can be done simply by changing your hair part.

Bright Side wants to share a quick guide with you on how to use your hair part to your advantage, in order to bring out your natural beauty — no surgery, no cosmetic products required.

1. Round face

This type of face has approximately the same width and length. That, in combination with the fact that the jaw and chin are rounded, is what makes it look circular.

This very symmetry makes the middle part a perfect match for the soft, circular features. But round-faced girls can also opt for this hairstyle as a trick to make their face look elongated and thinner. That’s because it makes it look thinner. So, without having to go through any surgery or anything like that you can change your image. The only thing you have to do is to change the parting of your hair.

2. Square face

Women who have more of a square face, with the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw that are a similar width, tend to have pronounced, angular features. This is especially true when talking about their jawline.

For them, a sharp side parting is a great way to smooth out their features, which in turn will help them to lengthen and add proportion to their face in general. And if they like bangs, it’s recommended that they go for it. Bangs that sweep out from a side part can make them look beautiful and really complement the bold and intense shape of their face.

3. Heart-shaped face

Girls with a heart-shaped face know that their forehead is the largest and widest part of their face, and that starting from the forehead, their face narrows toward a pointed chin. It’s a sweet and refined-looking face type.

For them, a deep side parting is also recommended to give more balance to the different widths of their face shape. It also helps to draw attention away from their forehead and smooth out the tip of the chin. Side-swept bangs also have a flattering effect on these faces because they help create more balance by hiding the size of the forehead.

4. Pear-shaped face

These women are perhaps the luckiest on the list. Their face length is longer than their width, their forehead is the widest part of their face and their features are rounded.

These features give their face a sense of proportionality that no other face shape has. It also allows them to experiment a little bit more with different partings and types of bangs without having to worry too much about the results. Center part, side part, deep side part, zigzag part, or whatever you can imagine, any of these options will look amazing on you if you have a pear-shaped face.

5. Elongated face

Women with an elongated face very often have a rectangular face that is much longer than it is wide and that has sharp angles. They also tend to have a large forehead and an attractive chin.

Therefore a middle part is recommended if you want to bring out the curves of your face. You can also choose to have a straight fringe without a hairline, as it will help to camouflage the size of your forehead and shorten your face. This trick works like a charm and it’s almost as if you have had surgery without actually having to go through all the hassle.

6. Diamond-shaped face

Those amazing cheekbones... Women with diamond-shaped faces really know how to rock them. Because they have a narrower forehead and small chin, there’s a useful trick that can help them highlight their natural beauty even more.

side part complements your cheekbones while also refining their shape. It adds proportion to your face and softens a pointed chin, if you have one.

What’s your trick for making your hair part work in your favor? Is there a simple trick or change that you think brings out your natural beauty?


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well, i do ponytails most often amd i have a round face and i hate it when i put my hair down


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