There Are 4 Types of Aging and You Can Stay Younger If You Know Yours, Scientists Say

4 years ago

Today people worldwide are living longer. By 2050, the world’s population, age 60 and older, is expected to total 2 billion, researchers say. But there is one more important thing about how to stay healthy and young at the same time.

We at Bright Side were inspired by research that says there are different types of aging and we would like to share it with you.

There are 4 patterns of aging.

The aging process affects people in different ways, scientists say. They studied 106 healthy individuals from 29 to 75 years of age, including taking blood and stool samples. The conclusion they came to was that aging types are the reason for why people age differently.

When you get old, you may have to deal with different health problems, but again, different people face different issues. So far, researchers have discovered 4 different pathways: metabolic, immune, liver, and kidney. But they say there could be even more.

Each type of aging affects different body parts.

The scientists shared in the study that each “ageotype” affects different parts of your body and triggers different health problems.

  1. Metabolic ageotype people may have a tendency to develop diabetes as they age.
  2. People with a liver ageotype have a greater risk for liver disease, researchers suggested.
  3. An immune ageotype is vulnerable to inflammation and immune system disorders.
  4. Kidney ageotype could have an increased risk of different kidney conditions.

You can slow down the aging process by knowing your type.

An ageotype is not just a diagnosis. It can actually help people to minimize health risk factors, say researchers. If you know which problems you are going to face in the future, you can start working on them in advance. So basically your body can stay younger longer.

The process is simple. You first have to figure out your type and then you can start changing your habits. You can pick a more suitable way to work out or avoid certain kinds of food, for example. The interesting thing is that you may be able to delay aging, not just slow it down, according to researchers.

Your type can be combined.

The team also mentions that you can be more than one type. In this case, you may face a combined risk for different health problems. This research becomes really important when you understand how your life will be easier when you can get rid of any health problems and concentrate on keeping yourself young.

Your lifestyle can’t change your aging type.

And there was one more remarkable finding from this study. During the 2 years of the experiment participants didn’t show a tendency toward changing their ageotype. After a lifestyle modification like a diet, for example, the ageotype markers decreased in some cases and that just meant that these people were aging at a slower rate.

How long would you like to live? How do you invest your time and money to stay younger?


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I know it might sounds strange but my kids make me younger. I mean , they make me feel like I'm young and active and I can do everything I want! Back to childhood years :)


Well, honestly this article scared me. I can clearly see Margot and Emma aging, and they're just 30!!! I don't have much time lol. But really - how do I figure out my type now?


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