What You Can Buy With $1 Around the World

3 years ago

Get ready: we’re about to travel the world without leaving our seats. Our challenge was to find everything these places could give us for only $1, and we totally nailed it.

Now Bright Side wants to show you all the things we can buy for only a buck around the world, and some of them are really incredible.

1. Philippines

If you’re tired after a long trip to the Philippines, a foot massage is all you need. You can get a 20-minute massage in Cebu and leave feeling refreshed.

2. Istanbul

If you’re going to Istanbul, you need to try their traditional Turkish tea. It’s the most consumed hot drink in this country, and you can find a lot of versions of it for under a dollar.

3. Vietnam

These conical hats are known as “nón lá” and are made of straw or matting. Buying one as a souvenir to decorate your house with or to give as a gift are 2 great options.

4. Germany

It’s not easy to find things for under $1 in Europe, but if you suddenly realize you’ve forgotten your cotton swabs at home while in Germany, you can buy 400 of them at the market.

5. Malaysia

To save space in your luggage, a good tip is to carry fewer clothes and find a laundry service near your destination. In Kuala Lumpur, you can wash up to 1.1 lb of clothing for cheap.

6. India

A great way to move around while traveling is to use public transportation since you can visit several places in the most economical way. In India, the minimum fare to buy a metro ticket is 10 rupees, the equivalent of 13 cents, so choosing the metro while there is an inexpensive way to get around.

7. Venezuela

Venezuela has the cheapest gasoline prices in the world, costing 20 cents per liter. So if you’re planning a road trip in this country, filling the tank of your car with 5 liters of gas will be pretty affordable.

8. South Korea

Karaoke is huge in South Korea, so try to reserve some of your travel time to immerse yourself in the Korean culture and sing some tunes. Our tip for you is to find the coin-operated karaoke machines and sing 2 songs for $1.

9. Portugal

The relationship between Portuguese people and coffee started back in the eighteenth century and now it’s impossible to go out in Portugal’s streets without seeing one or more people drinking this delightful beverage. If you come across a cafe, don’t hesitate to stop in and try this hot drink.

10. Croatia

Croatia has the best ice cream in the world and it’s worth trying, even if you go there in the winter. You can find small shops that sell a scoop of ice cream for 6 kunas, or 94 cents.

11. Hungary

Finding a parking spot that doesn’t cost a fortune can be difficult in a lot of places, but in Budapest, it’s possible to park your car for up to 4 hours without breaking the bank.

12. Singapore

With the temperature never dropping lower than 79ºF, finding a public swimming pool to frequent when in Singapore always sounds like a good idea. There are a lot of options for you to choose from, especially if you don’t want to pay a lot.

13. Switzerland

Switzerland isn’t a country known for its cheap prices but it’s nice to know that with just $1, you won’t die of thirst while there. You can buy 1.5 liters of water and still have a little change to take home.

14. Brazil

If you don’t want to walk around with your backpack while in Brazil, you can find the nearest bus station locker to keep it safe during the day. Just put your bikini on and go to the beach, free as a bird.

15. Thailand

It’s always good to have a prepaid cell phone card when traveling, and in Thailand, this can be pretty cheap. In case of emergencies or homesickness, you can talk freely for 16 minutes while there.

What else can you buy with $1 in your country?


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