Why Eating With Chopsticks Can Be Good for You

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Eating with chopsticks may look like a tough task to take on at first glance, but they’re a blessing in disguise for your metabolism. The way you have to hold them and how they handle the food can make you slow down while you eat, which can be a solution for fitness problems and weight control.

At Bright Side, we’ve listed all the reasons why you may want to switch up your everyday cutlery and start using chopsticks instead.

1. They can help you control how much you eat.

The feeling you get when you’ve had enough to eat is called “satiety.” It’s triggered by multiple hormonal and neurological signals and this phase takes some time before letting you know that you’re full. When you eat with a regular fork and spoon, you’ll be able to take bigger bites and eat faster, which is associated with the risk of obesity.

On the other hand, chopsticks can help your brain trick your appetite. They can control the amount of food you’re able to take in at one time and slow down the eating process, triggering your fullness indicators with smaller portions.

2. They can help to adjust blood sugar levels.

Glycemic index (GI) is the value of the food regarding its effect on blood sugar levels 2 hours after the food is eaten and it plays an important role in weight control. When it has severe ups, it slows down the calorie burn and expands the fat storage. When you take smaller bites with chopsticks, you can prevent sudden increases in GI levels.

A study from 2014 suggests that the glycemic response of consuming rice with chopsticks was lower than with spoons.

3. They can prevent bloating and gas.

We can’t emphasize the importance of small bites enough! When you have less food in your mouth, you will be able to chew and swallow properly. This way, you won’t let much air to get in, which could cause you to feel less bloated afterward.

4. They can minimize the risk of choking.

Taking smaller bites will help you have a more controlled food consumption process and decrease the risk of choking, when compared to rapid eating.

5. They can balance your brain and body coordination.

Apart from their fitness benefits, chopsticks can help improve muscle control abilities, especially for children. Since eating with chopsticks pushes for more precise movements, it basically creates an exercise for body coordination.

Also, it’s been found that eating the same food in a different way can change the tasting experience, which can make chopsticks invaluable while asking your kids to try those “terrible” veggies.

Bonus: How to use chopsticks

If the only obstacle between you and the chopsticks at this point is not knowing how to use them, worry no more! Here’s the easiest step-by-step explanation for how to master this method:

  • Place one of the chopsticks between the index finger and the thumb. Balance it on your ring finger.
  • Place the other one between the index finger and the thumb again, and rest it on your middle finger.
  • To grasp the second chopstick tightly, use your thumb, index, and middle fingers.
  • For the second chopstick, the index and middle fingers will be responsible for the lifting.
  • Keeping the first chopstick steady, close the second chopstick over the food using the index and middle fingers.
  • That’s it! Remember, practice makes perfect.

Do you use chopsticks for munching on anything other than Chinese food? Don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments!


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