Why Listening to Music Right When We Wake Up Can Be So Good for Us

3 years ago

Music brings out the best in people, especially in the morning. If you usually wake up feeling grumpy, turn on your music playlist and rave to your favorite hits. You’ll feel instantly happier and more productive. You can adjust the sound of your alarm too. This also affects how you wake up and how you kick off your day.

Bright Side collected all the reasons why listening to music might change your day into the best one of your life, every day. And the bonus feature at the end might have your favorite song in it.

1. It lowers cortisol levels.

You can feel less stressed by listening to your favorite music, according to a study. The stress hormone, cortisol, will lower, and it seems that music speeds up the recovery time after a stress-inducing event. So it’s only logical that starting your day with a good song can relieve stress caused by external factors, and it will serve as a good start to the day.

2. It increases dopamine levels.

Your mood instantly changes when you play a tune. Music can boost the production of the dopamine hormone, which is one of the “happy” hormones directly connected to pleasure. It will help to relieve certain negative feelings of anxiety and depression. So if you wake up feeling down, turn on your music playlist.

3. It stimulates memories.

Music can help you remember more, no matter if you like upbeat or slower tunes. Your cognitive function will improve once you put your jingle on, and over time, you’ll benefit from a stronger memory, according to a study. And when memories form, certain groups of neurons are reactivated.

4. It boosts the immune system.

Listening to music can strengthen your immune system. The sound of the tunes helps the body to produce more antibodies and natural killer cells. These cells can help you attack any viruses you might contract. Basically, your immune system will be more effective at fighting any ailment.

5. It reduces grogginess.

It seems that the noise you wake up to contributes significantly to your state of mind, according to a study. If you wake up to a melodic sound, you’ll experience lower levels of morning grogginess, you’ll wake up faster, and you’ll be more alert. Basically, it will have an energizing effect. The beeping sound alarms have might not give you the same result.

6. It boosts creativity.

Before heading to that computer desk or laptop, put your headphones on and listen to some music, especially happy tunes. It seems that this type of jingle will make you a more creative person, so all those ideas you were waiting for will flood in. And if you start your workday by being more productive and ticking off all the points on your to-do list, it will definitely make you feel good about yourself.


What alarm do you use to wake up in the morning? What’s your favorite tune to dance to first thing in the morning?

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