Why Most Japanese Bathe in the Evening

3 years ago

Taking a hot bath or shower before going to bed may improve your sleep, according to new research. And it seems that the Japanese have known about this for many years before the whole rest of the world! They also found many other reasons for bathing at night.

Bright Side learned more about them, and we can’t wait to share our findings with you!

The Japanese have a long bathing ceremony.

When taking a bath, the Japanese follow a special ritual consisting of several steps. First, they get into the shower to wash off all the dust and sweat and only after that do they have a long luxurious soak in the bath. They may even add green tea and other different herbs into the water which relax the body, cleanse the skin, and tone the mind. The Japanese also carefully select the temperature of the water, it’s important to make it comfortable — not exceeding 40°C — as water that is too hot may lead to moisture loss and opened pores.

They follow old family habits.

The luxury of the morning shower in Japan, as well as throughout the world, didn’t become available until a short time ago. In the 19th century there was no hot water, heating, or indoor plumbing in Japanese homes. So most people had to boil hot water first in order to take a hot bath. This is a very time consuming process! So the general habit of bathing in the evening persisted.

They often visit public baths or hot springs.

Public baths hot springs are popular in Japan. People of different ages come there to not only bathe, but also to relax and spend time doing something pleasurable. It’s possible to say that it’s a kind of entertainment. At night there are usually fewer people, which makes it possible to be alone with your thoughts. Complete relaxation!

They don’t have enough time in the mornings.

The Japanese are real workaholics. About 4.5 million full-time workers in Japan have second jobs, where they work, on average, between 6 and 14 additional hours each week. In addition, in Japan it is very important to be punctual. If you come even a few minutes late, it can be perceived negatively. Therefore, in the morning, the Japanese don’t even have a single free minute.

They are affected by the climate.

Summer in Japan is hot and very humid. Most citizens don’t use their cars, but use public transport instead, and feel the effect of weather on themselves to the fullest. They wouldn’t feel good without a long shower at the end of the day.

In winter, Japanese houses are very cold, because most of them don’t have central air and heat. They go to the bathroom before bed, to not only bathe, but also to warm themselves.

When do you take a bath? Why?


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Most people should and do bathe twice per day. In the morning after sleeping all night, to be clean and fresh to be among other people. At night to wash off all the dust etc of the day.


I am kinda glad everyone in the comment took a bath twice a day ?


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