Why Naughty and Unruly Children Are the Happiest

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3 years ago

While many parents have gotten caught up in the idea that their children should be perfect, psychologists suggest that being naughty can actually contribute to their overall satisfaction with life. So whenever you feel like your child is getting out of control, it’s probably better to take a deep breath and think about how it influences their development and success in their future life.

Today, Bright Side has come up with 9 reasons why letting your child act a little rebellious and naughty can actually do more good than harm for them.

1. They are more independent and aren’t afraid to express themselves.

Every child has their own unique personality and way of interacting with the world. However, if parents constantly try to put the child in the box, they may suffer from problems with self-expression and be unable to determine their real desires and wishes. On the contrary, naughty children aren’t afraid to show their real character and independence even if it means being judged by others.

2. This is their way of exploring the world and it’s effective.

Children use their senses to interact with the world: they’re extremely touchy, love being loud, and can’t stay calm even for a minute. If parents force children to keep quiet and not show any initiative, the child loses the opportunity to explore the world. Unruly children are more likely to be curious and become more well-rounded people as adults since their desire to learn hasn’t been suppressed.

3. They just follow natural patterns of behavior.

Most children are extremely active and a bit naughty and this is the part of their nature. They aren’t afraid to express their feelings and make the most of their experience. Well, sometimes they can go a bit over the top with their enthusiasm. However, if a child acts in a loud and crazy way, that means they are happy and feel confident in their own skin.

4. They can process their emotions better.

It’s easier for naughty children to stay connected with their emotions and understand the roots of their behavior when they grow up. These children are more likely to show healthy maturity when it comes to their emotions. They realize that emotions are an important part of their life and learn to recognize and respect the emotions of other people as well.

5. They don’t listen to what other people say.

Naughty children aren’t looking for approval. They know what’s good for them and aren’t afraid to follow their path. They know that even if they fail, it won’t be the end of the world and there’s no situation that can’t be fixed. Children aren’t ashamed to look silly or be criticized, since they know that it’s their opinion that matters the most.

6. They don’t feel pressured to meet certain criteria to make people love them.

Naughty children don’t keep their emotions bottled up since they know that their parents will love them no matter what and their behavior can’t ruin that. These children grow in the atmosphere of security and their parents usually have enough inner resources to deal with them. They provide enough emotional support for their children and are able to teach them how to behave well without suppressing their personality.

7. They have better problem-solving skills.

Obedient children often suffer from excessive compliance and are too conscious when they become adults. Naughty children are more spontaneous and are ready to try different approaches to get out of trouble. They are more resistant to stress and can stand up for themselves.

8. They are more creative.

Naughty children have an unlimited imagination and they’re eager to try out their ideas. As adults, these children demonstrate a creative approach to all spheres of life and know that there are 2 sides to every situation. They aren’t afraid to express themselves and know that the opinion of others won’t have too much of an influence on their lives.

9. They know they’re good enough just the way they are.

Naughty children know they deserve to be loved unconditionally and there’s no need to try to earn love with good behavior. They’re sure that they’re already good enough and there’s nothing to prove. It doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to be their better selves, but they do it for themselves and not to please the people around them.

Do you have a child who can be pretty naughty sometimes? Does this theory apply to them? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

Illustrated by Natalia Okuneva-Rarakina for Bright Side


This article could prove to mislead people into thinking their children could just be allowed to behave arrogantly or rudely.

Of late I have noticed such equivocal and misleading contents in your posts. Kindly be wary of this please.

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