Why There’s No Such Thing as a “Half” Sibling. They Will Always Be Brothers and Sisters in Our Hearts

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4 years ago

The laws in some countries, especially inheritance laws, treat siblings who share one parent differently than siblings who share both parents. Biologically, “half” siblings only share about 25% of their DNA while “full” siblings share around 50%. But even so, to families who love each other no matter what, the term “half,” when it comes to siblings, does not exist.

We at Bright Side took a look at the reasons why all siblings are the same in the eyes of loving brothers and sisters.

Because they are a “whole” person.

“Half” conveys the idea that something is lacking. Just because some siblings don’t share a father and a mother, doesn’t mean that they’re not enough. It doesn’t mean that they’re not complete, either as a sibling or as a person. They’re whole and should be known that way.

Because they’re no different than their other siblings.

No matter where they came from, siblings argue the same and care the same. They’re your partners in crime, and also the ones you throw under the bus when your parents ask for the culprit. They’re the ones you wrestle with but also the ones you go to for help. The strength of the bond between brothers and sisters does not depend on who their parents are, but on the love and support they give each other.

Because love is love.

Brotherly love and sisterly love are just that, even if the siblings only have one parent in common. Calling them "half" siblings, somehow feels like their love for each other is also just half. It isn't easy to build a healthy relationship like this, especially in a blended family where the dynamics of the family members are complex. It also doesn't help when these brothers and sisters are reminded by the others that they're different than their other siblings.

Because they deserve just as much as "full" siblings.

There is no reason to treat any of the siblings differently, especially if they grow up under the same roof and when they adore each other and have each other's backs. It simply doesn't make sense to reduce them to being "half" brothers or "half" sisters when their relationship with each other is just as strong as with any of their other siblings.

What other reasons would you say siblings are just siblings, regardless of how much blood they share? Share this with others, especially if they know what being called "half" siblings feel like.


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