Why We Rub Our Feet Together When We’re Falling Asleep

2 years ago

When the tough day is over and we finally get to bed, most of us do a rather inexplicable thing. Without even realizing it, we rub our feet together so that we can fall asleep easier. According to what people discuss on the internet, this is a topic that has raised some questions.

We at Bright Sight just love these intriguing topics, and we did a little research to find out what the reasons could be behind this habit.

1. It may be a sign of a sleep disorder.

Rubbing your feet in bed may not be as harmless as it might seem at first sight. There is a condition called periodic limb disorder that affects your legs and you repetitively cramp or jerk them in your sleep. It can have a negative effect on you and lead to daytime sleepiness. If you rhythmically move and rub your legs in bed, and it happens quite often, this condition can be the reason for it.

2. Another medical condition could be a reason too.

There could be another rather serious reason for it. If you feel sensations in your legs when lying down and rubbing or moving them is the only way you can get relief — it could mean you have restless legs syndrome. It’s a neurological sensory disorder that won’t let you properly rest. To make sure you’re affected by it, you need to consult a doctor.

3. It is an unconscious way of self-soothing.

We try to “nest” and get comfy by rubbing our feet together. We create the effect of close touch on our skin by doing this and it makes us feel relaxed. Skin is known to be very sensitive to external stimuli, so it can be a powerful tool in our ability to unwind after a day full of stress.

4. It may just be a habit.

However, it could just become a normal way for us to fall asleep, not a medical condition or a physiological phenomenon. Many people actually rub their feet in bed without even noticing it. Even if at first it happened because of any of the above-mentioned reasons, it could have developed into a simple habit.

Do you rub your feet together when falling asleep? What do you think could be the reason for it?

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It is because of mosquito. They always bite my ankle.

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