Why We Shouldn’t Use Our Phones as an Alarm Clock

3 years ago

Our phones have become an inseparable extension of our hands. We use them for so many tasks, like applying for a job, searching for information, or finding a new place to live. In fact, it seems like life will completely stop if we accidentally break them. And setting an alarm is a task nearly everyone does on their phone, however, there are some really bad things that can happen if you do this.

We at Bright Side can’t withhold useful information from our readers, so here are the reasons to replace your smartphone alarm with a real one.

1. It can harm your sleep.

This is because we really can’t help but scroll through our social media pages and complete tasks on our phones before going to sleep. However, not only will this shorten the amount of time you sleep, but the phone’s blue light can affect the quality of your snoozes and lead to disorders.

2. It can disturb your routine in the morning.

Again, once we get a phone in our hands, we automatically start checking emails and messages. And this, of course, takes much more time than you initially planned it to, leaving you to rush through routine procedures that are really important for keeping ourselves on schedule and in good shape.

3. It may be hard to hear.

Since it’s not as loud as a real alarm, you can easily miss its ring. Additionally, we’re all used to the sounds our phones make during the day, so it may be ineffective as a real alarm to wake us up from a deep sleep.

4. Its battery may die.

Alarms on mobile phones won’t work when the battery is dead, so if you don’t want to be late for something important, you’d better use a real alarm. Even if you always do your best to keep it charged, you may not notice your battery is dwindling before you drift off to sleep.

Do you use a phone alarm or a real one?

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Thanks for the tips, I have been thinking of getting an actual alarm clock (I really like the one that wakes you up with light instead of sound) to replace my phone... I might even just put my phone in a different room to charge it to improve my sleep schedule


The battery one is a terrible argument... just charge it overnight..


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