Why Women With Makeup and Coiffed Hair Turn Out to Be More Successful

3 years ago

Endless hours of applying makeup and styling hair in the morning might seem like an episode of a horror movie to some of us. Though it seems that this routine might be worth the effort. Enhancing our beauty not only has a positive effect on our mood, but it also changes how other people perceive us. Moreover, the right look can be the first step in radically changing one’s life.

Bright Side found out the effect that grooming has on our lives, and the results are more than surprising. Let’s have a look together!

1. Foundation and contouring add symmetry to the face.

They can correct most of the flaws of our skin and even the tone. Properly applied foundation has the ability to give a fresh look to the face and contouring adds symmetry. Even though in different cultures standards of beauty differ, one thing stays the same — people find symmetrical faces more attractive. It’s biologically normal for our brains to strive for it, as this is what they perceive as “perfection.”

2. Eye makeup enhances the whole look.

Eyes are central to the human attraction. Eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow can make them look more vibrant and stand out more. Moreover, they are able to make them appear visually bigger and even younger. Our feelings and interests can be communicated through our eyes. Makeup on this zone allows us to increase our facial contrast, and make our faces look more feminine and seductive.

3. Bright lipstick attracts attention to the face.

One of the most popular lipstick colors is red. Not only it can charge us with confidence, it can also be attractive to our potential partners. It turns out that women with red lips are seen as more good-looking than those who wear different lipstick colors. Also, its contrast with skin color enhances the femininity of our faces and makes them more appealing. Research found out that men are more sexually attracted to women who wear red.

4. Soft blush makes us even more alluring.

The flush of a peachy or pink color on our cheekbones, that’s provided by blush, can play a significant role in how attractive we look. Our face is usually perceived as an indicator of our well-being, and people naturally see rosy faces as a sign of vitality. Using a little blush will create a healthy, youthful look and can even awaken strong feelings like love and affection in the people that look at us.

5. Hairstyles influence the way we feel.

Nothing can help to express our identity better than our hairstyle. During different periods of our lives, hairstyles help us to create an impression on others, as an intellectual or sexual being, an outstanding person, or to show our confidence. Getting the right hairstyle, combined with perfect makeup, can significantly boost our self-assurance and even give us a feeling of inner satisfaction.

6. Attractiveness can influence our career.

Beauty and attractive looks play a significant role in many spheres of our lives. For example, other research shows that there is a relationship between the attractiveness of women and their wage. It turns out that the more good-looking people are, the more likely they are to be employed and earn, on average, higher wages. Which means that putting effort into applying makeup and styling hair will pay off in the end.

What do you think about wearing makeup? Does it influence your life too?


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