Why You Can’t Sleep Without Hugging Something

3 years ago

Although this habit could be linked to our fetal sleeping position from when we were kids, it’s not about diving back into our childhood at all. Whether it’s a plush toy or a soft cuddly pillow you can’t sleep without, there are a few reasons why you can’t let them go.

We at Bright Side have figured out the reasons for why people sleep easily when they have something to hug on.

1. It reduces your snoring or sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder where a person’s breathing is not as smooth as it should be. This, in effect, creates a sleep environment that is regularly disturbed — where you are constantly waking up throughout the night and a sense of morning tiredness and day-long drowsiness.

Your pillow hugging habit has the physical benefit of reducing this sleep disorder. Having a body pillow will support your entire body and allow you to start sleeping on your side.

2. You don’t want to feel lonely.

Reddit user once shared his experience that hugging something makes him feel like he is cuddling with someone.

We’re not all cuddly sleepers, but when we are all alone and we basically get tired of it being this way, and we need something to hold on to, even if it means hugging a pillow.

3. You value strong attachment.

Hugging a pillow gives you emotional comfort during your sleep. In this sleeping position, you are actually one of those who values a strong bond in your relationships, especially among family. You are a very helpful person, who loves going the extra mile for the people you love and care for.

4. You are used to hugging during your sleep.

If you have already established a routine, at some point, because it worked for you, like getting up around the same time or doing the same morning and evening routine, you are actually routine-oriented.

Having said that, when you hug something every single night before you sleep, it means that this is one of your routines too.

5. You tend to hug when anxiety attacks.

It makes it harder for us to sleep when we have anxiety. When you are experiencing this, it’s always best to make your bed a comfort zone. People who have it may need a hug to ease their anxiety.

Does hugging something when you sleep make you feel comfortable? Could you sleep without hugging something?


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since I remember myself I've always slept with my blanket hugged. :3


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