Why Your Siblings Are Good for Your Health

3 years ago

One day, siblings are awesome — and the next, they’re a real nightmare. They can be so unpredictable, yet we love them all the same. We call each other names, but if someone does that to our sibling, we’re up in arms. As surprising as it sounds, siblings can actually improve your health. So you may want to think twice before you tell your sibling to leave you alone.

Bright Side encourages you to grab your sibling and take a moment to appreciate each other.

They boost your immune system.

Healthy sibling relationships increase your ability to fight off viruses, even without symptoms. Stress hormones, catecholamines, and glucocorticoids, in particular, have a negative impact on your immune system when you’re sick. The higher your stress levels are, the worse you feel. Luckily, if you have strong social bonds with your siblings or friends, you can control your stress levels, which can help you get over an illness much faster.

Hugging your loved ones can prevent heart disease.

You can keep your blood pressure under control by hugging regularly. If you are worried sick about something, instead of taking some medicine, hug your sibling. Such practices lower blood pressure and heart rate. Even 20 seconds of hugging your loved one can help you avoid heart attacks or pain.

They help you cope with depression.

We often turn to our parents for help when we run into a brick wall in our lives. However, your sibling offers you something that your parents can’t. You open up more to your siblings, find possible solutions together, and the overall feeling of being cared for cheers you up. Your cortisol levels reduce when you have someone to talk to. Additionally, they protect you from stress when you’re a kid.

They prolong your life.

People with poor social connections are 50% more likely to die earlier than people who have tight bonds. This could be because your nearest and dearest encourage you to care about yourself. This becomes especially noticeable when you fall ill. Your siblings make a casserole for you, rub ointment on your back, and demand that you don’t die because they need you.

How many siblings do you have? Did the article make you view them differently?


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I think this all depends on your relationship with them, I have a sibling that I don't really get along with and none of the points are true 😋


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