Women Call Out a Bride for Judging Their “Immodest” Dress Choices

2 weeks ago

TikTok video in which the bride shared her wedding experience and showcased the dress she had sewn herself garnered 20 million views. However, the girl did not receive the anticipated reaction. Instead, she encountered a significant backlash, as some viewers took offense at her comments.

A bride who designed a ‘modest’ wedding dress claimed there’s nothing ‘uglier’ than an immodest bride.

Weddings often stir up varying opinions, influenced by family dynamics and societal expectations. However, there is a general consensus that a bride should be celebrated on her special day, with one exception being a woman who received criticism for insisting brides should adhere to a specific dress code.

This particular bride, who designed her own “modest” wedding dress, expressed a strong belief that immodesty in bridal attire is unattractive. In the video, she opened up about the decision to sew her dress, “When your wedding is coming up, but you hate the immodest wedding dress trend. So, you designed your own dress and had it made for you.”

In her view, she became a living testament to the compatibility of modesty and beauty on her big day. In the end, she concluded, “There is nothing uglier than an immodest bride who leaves nothing to the imagination.”

Her statement, which linked beauty and modesty, also included a negative judgment of brides who choose different styles. Her post gained significant attention, with 20 million views, but the majority of comments expressed disapproval of her opinion and the aesthetics of her own wedding dress. Many pointed out that her attitude did not align with the virtues of modesty or kindness.

Her proclamation tied together beauty and modesty, while hurting the feelings of brides who chose to dress differently than her.

That kind of talk hurt a lot of women whose wedding dress choices were different. In one of the video responses, which has garnered over 1.6 million views, user Kandy Kapelle begins with a series of claps, stating, “Pretty girls don’t hate.”

She proceeds, “Pretty girls don’t judge; pretty girls are not haters. We, as a society, just collectively agree that hating is the behavior of uggos.” Expressing support for the embrace of more modesty, Kapelle questions the productivity of an all-or-nothing mindset, emphasizing that, like most things in life, moderation may be more beneficial.

In response to the criticism, the bride has clarified that she never intended to judge or berate brides with differing views. She defended herself, emphasizing that her intention was not to criticize others, but to express her perspective on modesty in wedding attire. She said, “Nowhere did I judge anyone, or call out anyone. You all are the ones doing the judging. I described an extreme, you all argued there are women who fit into that extreme, it was not I who said it.”


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