You Will Drown in Compliments Every Time If You Get These 10 Amazon Treasures

5 months ago

“You have a cool left ear!” — this is one of the weirdest compliments that women once got. Imagine what you’d say: “Well, thank you! But what’s wrong with the other one, dude?” To help you avoid hearing such nontrivial things, we’ve selected 10 products that’ll make you the envy of everyone.

Prepare for the flood of admiration and the cloud of awe that await you. There is only one downside: You’ll hear the never-ending chorus of “Where did you find that? Gimme the link now!”


Situation: You need to ban yellow from your life and maintain your perfect blond in between salon visits.

Solution: No Yellow shampoo

While curlies have an ongoing battle with their locks, blondies have a different story to tell. Their No. 1 issue is brassy hair. Well, Amazon’s also got a remedy just for them up its sleeve. The Fanola shampoo will whisk away those pesky yellow tones with just one wash. And the effect will stick around, so your hairdresser may go, “Woah!”

🌸 And here is proof that compliments will enter your life:

My hair is brown and blonde mixed on top and all brown underneath. I was skeptical bc I’ve used other purple shampoos, and this one was way different. It has a smell, but it’s not unbearable. It’s very watery, so it gets EVERYWHERE. Stained my cuticles purple, but I didn’t care bc IT WORKS!
I got my hair done a week and a half ago, and no one really said anything. Once I used the purple shampoo, I got loads of compliments on how great my hair looked. DEFINITELY BUY IT! I didn’t get even coverage on my first use, so some hairs in the front are blonder. I would recommend putting the shampoo in section by section and not using it like a regular shampoo, as I did (just putting it straight on the front of my head, lol).


Situation: You dream about plumper lips but hate the idea that only needles can provide for your need.

Solution: Lip plumper and care serum

Here is a gentler and safer way to give you extreme, fuller lips by increasing blood circulation in the needed area. This set contains natural ingredients (mint & ginger), vitamin E, and collagen that work hard to make your lips look bigger and moisturize them.

🌸 Don’t be shy about all the attention you’re gonna get:

This product is the only thing that truly pumps your lips and looks like filler!! So good, have gotten so many compliments while wearing.



Situation: You need nice beach waves without much effort, or you are unable to do anything with your hair but want a quick makeover.

Solution: Wave Artist deep waver

No matter if your strands are skinny or as thick as a jungle, this tool will work its magic. Simply dial in the right temperature, and voilà! Wave goodbye to frizz and get ready for a glorious shine that could blind a disco ball.

Oh, and if you’re one of those forgetful souls haunted by the eternal question, “Did I turn it off?”, fear no more! This buddy has an auto-shutoff feature. It’s got your back, preventing nightmares of burning down the house while you’re out sipping your favorite beverage.

🌸 And you’re gonna steal all the attention:

Not to be dramatic, but this changed my life. I get so many compliments on my hair! It lasts for days. In mere minutes, it turns my limp, thinning hair into a crown of glory. Add to your cart immediately!



Situation: You look like a tired potato because you haven’t slept since, like, 2001. Your eyes have such heavy bags that you get charged double for boarding a plane.

Solution: Cooling eye balm for dark circles and puffiness

The stick comes in an adorable package, and this could be enough to conquer our hearts. But it does have some more secrets up its sleeve. It’s gonna improve the elasticity under your eye area to make it toned and lift puffy and saggy skin. It also protects sensitive skin and prevents moisture loss. On top of that, it minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow feet.

🌸 It’s gonna make you look like you’ve actually had 8 hours of sleep:

I have super dark under-eye circles. This really does feel comforting and cool under the eyes, and I throw some on my forehead as well. Do people still think I am a tired potato? Absolutely, but I have gotten a few phrases like “You look well rested today!” and I’ll take that as a win!



Situation: You want shiny, strong, soft, and silky hair that is less tangled and fizzy and easy to straighten in just 8 seconds.

Solution: 8 Second Wonder Water

The manufacturer promises instant hair transformation due to a special formula. Once you apply the product to wet hair, its tiny agents target damaged areas and form thin layers to smooth your strands without weighing them down.

🌸 This bottle has all the power to impress even your hairdresser:

It feels like a big thing to say and very cheesy, but I really do feel like this is a huge player in finally giving me that silky, soft, and light hair. I’ve only been using it this past week, but the results have been instant. I went in to get a haircut, and my hairdresser was telling me how wonderfully soft my hair was! I love this stuff.



Situation: You have to wear eyelash extensions every day but actually want to see a natural change and growth of your lashes.

Solution: Eyelash Growth Serum

The serum promotes bold and more dramatically-looking eyes in 4 steps:

  • Week 1: Nourishing
    During this step, eyelashes are nourished, preparing the growth of new lashes.
  • Week 2: Strengthening
    Here, existing lashes are strengthened to be healthy and glossy.
  • Week 3: Growth
    During this step, new lashes start to appear.
  • Week 4: Thickness and longevity
    Finally, your mirror shows you long and voluminous lashes.

🌸 Miss some admiring glances? You’ll surely get many:

I absolutely love this serum. I’ve bought it maybe 5 times now. I’ve tried others, and this one truly surprised me!
It made my lashes fuller and longer; sometimes I think the lashes in the outer corner of my eyes are out of control because of how long they are, LOL. I have actually had to skip a few days of using it just because I don’t want them to get too crazy. I started noticing a difference after maybe a full month of using it DAILY. Give it a chance, and you will see the results! I get compliments on my lashes very frequently, and I always refer them to this product. 10/10


Situation: You don’t mind having thicker and longer hair for that very special occasion or just want to try a new look, but that pesky hair refuses to grow at a speed of 4 inches per hour.

Solution: Soft & 100% natural hair extensions

These hair extensions can be colored, straightened, or curled. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to create any style to match your mood.

🌸 Your new strands won’t go unnoticed:

If you’re looking for extensions that are not only worth the money you pay for them but also look realistic, shiny, soft, and easy to put in, look no further! They are stunning! I have gotten many compliments on them. Those who haven’t seen me in a while just thought my hair grew out!
They blend very well with my natural hair. I love the length and fullness they add to my natural hair. The colors are very pretty, and these are not heavy at all! I am able to style my hair in all different ways! These are easy to shampoo, dry, style, put in, and take out!



Situation: You’re in the mood to make a difference to your silhouette for a special occasion, and it’s a bit too late to hit the gym.

Solution: Shapewear panties

These panties will instantly shape round buttocks, smooth the belly, reduce the waistline, and compress and tighten tights. You can easily remove the pads from their individual pockets.

🌸 Yep, people will notice the changes:

I purchased the black small with lace. I’m 56 1/2 and 120 lbs. There is definitely a difference. Enough to enhance, but not so much that it looks fake. People have even openly complimented me, saying my shape looks nice ha ha... It’s stretchable, I’ve washed them a few times now (taking out the pads), and it’s been holding up.
There are some fabrics you can’t wear because the padding shows... but again, it’s a fake booty boost, can’t complain. You have to adjust the lines under jeans if you pull them down cause they get scrunched sometimes. You have to check the padding that it’s not lopsided. I sit at a desk all day for a living, so I usually fidget in my seat, so once in a blue moon I might push the padding a certain way. Not noticeable, but you can feel the difference. Overall, it’s really boosted my confidence and helped shape my outfits!



Situation: From time to time, you think of getting a tattoo but don’t really want a permanent one to be able to change it at any moment or just because you hate those needles. Or you want to try on a tattoo to understand if it’s worth it to get it permanently.

Solution: Temporary tattoos

Any tattoo from this set will last for several days and keep its flash & glitter look. They’re waterproof and safe, even for kids.

🌸 Tattoos do always attract attention:

I use these tattoos to cover a scar on my arm until I am able to tattoo over it, and these are perfect. The colors are beautiful (if you pick a colored one, of course), and they easily last for at least 2 weeks (I’ve pushed it out to 3 before, but it was pretty faded and cracked by then). They come off right away with a washrag and rubbing alcohol. I swap out my design every couple of weeks; it’s so much fun!
I work at a gym, and the members are always complimenting me on my new tattoos when I change them. This pack is absolutely worth the money and so much fun to play around with. Definitely recommend!


Situation: You need a really quick fix in between your cut and color trips to a beauty salon, so you can go out, shine bright, and swipe everyone off their feet.

Solution: Magic Root Cover Up spray

This spray gets your gray strands covered in just 3 seconds and hides them until your next shampoo. It leaves no smudging or sticky residue once dry. If you’re afraid that it will rub on your pillowcase, don’t be. This has been tried and checked.

By the way, it’s also a great solution for those who like experimenting with their style but need to conform to the dress code rules of their school or office:

🌸 Compliments from yourself also count:

I have big gray patches of hair on the top of my head. I recently started using it, and it is amazing. It covers up all my grays and looks very natural. It dries in about a minute. There’s no mess.
This stuff is a lifesaver! It even makes me look much younger because I am spraying my grays away. It even makes my hair look thicker and fuller.

Some of the products just tend to live rent-free in our brains because they are THAT cool. We’re sure that some of these items will occupy your brain cells until you happily add them to your shopping cart.

Bright Side gets commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Reviews could have been edited for length and clarity.


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