You Won’t Believe That These Aren’t Photographs

10 months ago

Paul Cadden, an artist from Scotland, has taken hyper-realistic art to a whole new level. It’s almost impossible to believe, but the following images are not photos — they are pictures drawn by Paul with a pencil. Once you’ve seen his talents on display, you’ll understand why they’re worth so much!

Paul specializes in drawing portraits.

He’s capable of reproducing reality to an unbelievable degree using only a pencil.

You can almost feel this woman breathing.

Sometimes Paul depicts nature. Again, there are no words to describe it...

He loves to depict people in their natural environment.

He uses his artist’s pencil to confer immeasurable beauty on his subjects.

It’s easy enough to become completely absorbed in his creative world. Can you feel the strength of these images?

There’s no one in the world who wouldn’t mistake these for photographs at first glance. We can only wonder at how much time, patience, and effort Paul had to devote to his work in order to achieve this level. Just try showing these images to anyone you know — they won’t be able to believe they weren’t captured with a camera!

Preview photo credit Paul Cadden, caddenpaul / Instagram
Based on materials from Paul Cadden


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