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15 People Who Can Turn Any Idea Into Reality

Some artistic minds just can’t bear to keep their creativity inside. That’s when the world becomes gifted with wonderful examples of craftsmanship. Whether it’s through woodwork, sewing, gardening, or even cooking, these works make the world a more colorful and joyful place, so they deserve their time in the spotlight.

Bright Side presents you with a number of gems created by talented people from all over the world.

1. “I sewed a bucket hat for my kitten.”

2. “My aunt propagated some succulents and turned them into a Christmas tree.”

3. “An art piece I made for my mom is a permanent fixture in her kitchen.”

4. “I made a vacuum fluorescent display clock from scratch.”

5. “We finally found a use for a hand-me-down cast iron tub we’ve had laying around. It’s an outdoor bathroom.”

6. “Glass snake a friend and I made with uranium glass.”

7. “I made tiny pizzas the size of pepperonis.”

8. “I made a tissue box holder that looks like a crate of records.”

9. “Festive Lamps I made from reclaimed refrigerant tanks. I call them Tank-O-Lanterns.”

10. “Snooped on the girlfriend’s Pinterest and made this in 2 days while I waited for her after work.”

11. “I make masks and this is one of the few that I made with a 3D pen, glue, and a 3D printer.”

12. “I made a stained glass Mr. Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants.”

13. “A silver ring made by me.”

14. “My first rug I ever made.”

15. “I 3D printed a Lego wreath for the holidays.”

Do you consider yourself to be creative? Show us some of your favorite works in the comments — bonus points if you did them yourself!

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