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15 Portraits That Prove the Neural Network Can Do Magic Just as Well as a Wizard

Artificial intelligence has already assumed a strong position in our lives. It’s there not only in technology but in the creative sphere as well. For example, recently Art. Lebedev Studio shared that they were passing off AI as a real remote employee who ended up doing over 20 projects. This is not the only example of the successful work of neural networks.

An artist from San Francisco, Nathan Shipley, uses neural networks for restoring the faces of famous people. For example, he has already restored the faces of Mona Lisa, Frida Kahlo, and Rembrandt. He also fantasized about what popular cartoon characters and even people from the US dollar bills would look like.

We at Bright Side love new things, that’s why we dove head over heels into the world of Nathan’s works and studied them all very carefully.

1. Mona Lisa

2. Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn

3. Frida Kahlo

4. Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo’s husband

5. Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles

6. Elastigirl from The Incredibles

7. Benjamin Franklin

8. Dash from The Incredibles

9. George Washington

10. Russell from Up

11. Miguel from Coco

12. Ulysses S. Grant

13. Miles Morales, a superhero from comics about Spider-Man

14. Andrew Jackson

15. Lil Miquela, virtual model invented in 2016

Which work of the artist, made with the help of neural networks, impressed you the most?

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