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17 Touching Illustrations That Show What It Really Means to Love a Pet

No matter how he or she came into your life, your pet probably made everything around them better. It stayed by your side all the time and grew alongside you, you shared everything. Maybe you too would like to find a magic potion to make them immortal, but the truth is that there comes a time when a pet has to go. And even though it’s sad, the most beautiful thing will always remain here with you: its memory.

Bright Side wants to share a series of images with you that you will surely understand if you are or were lucky enough to enjoy the company of a pet.

1. When I saw you for the first time I knew you would become my best friend. I was afraid you wouldn’t like me enough, but it only took a few seconds for us to click.

2. You were so small that I was afraid to hug you.

3. You started to do naughty things all the time, and even though I was angry then, now they are just good memories.

4. You’ve been there in my darkest days to fill them with joy. And you’ve also been there to make me smile even more when I thought I was already smiling.

5. You can be sure that I will never abandon you, because our friendship will last forever.

6. And if one day those big eyes of yours start to grow weak and tired... I’ll be there to walk by your side and be your guide.

7. When the ache and pain of old age shows up and your little body starts to feel so sore that you don’t even want to walk anymore, I will be there even then to take you in my arms, pamper you, and fill you with love and lots of affection.

8. If one day your little ears won’t allow you to listen to me anymore, I will come closer to you and whisper how much I love you, and I will tell you that everything is all right, so that you won’t be afraid.

9. Don’t worry, I’ll learn to deal with everything. It is going to be my turn to learn about and understand you.

10. I’ll be patient when it’s time to give you your meds, and I promise I won’t get mad when you have a hard time taking them.

11. When you pull your naughty tricks all over the place, I won’t even get mad, I’ll fill you with love, and I’ll have everything ready to clean things up.

12. If people tell me you’re too old... I’ll carry you and tell you that you’re the most handsome dog in the universe.

13. And don’t worry, buddy, on the day you want to take a rest from this world, and give up shedding a thousand hairballs all over the house.... I’ll be there, loving you like I did every day, and I won’t let go of your paw. I’ll stay until the last moment and our connection will never be lost.

14. But before you go, you have to know that you did a great job while you were here. You changed my life, you supported me, and you were always there to listen to me.

15. You were my companion every step of the way and you were welcomed at home from the minute you got to us. I will never forget how you wagged your tail to show us how happy you were.

16. You will always be in my heart, because you have left your mark. I will always be grateful to you for looking at me with the deepest love and for believing that I was the best companion.

17. And when that day comes, I will strive to make it without you. Thank you for so much, my friend! Even though you’re leaving... you’ll never really go away.

How did you meet your pet? We would love to hear your story and see a picture of your pet.

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