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20+ Ordinary Places That Turned Into Art and Now Brighten Up the World Around Them

What can often be found in the most ordinary places, our eyes seek it out, and it gives us pleasure... Art, of course! Art is all around us, whether we notice it or not. And experiencing it improves our health and our mood, by impacting us cognitively and emotionally.

We at Bright Side are fascinated by everything unusual and we wanted to share some goodness with you. So we did our best and found quite a few surprises. Come along for the ride.

1. Window in Basel, Switzerland

Art by Simon Berger in a window in the Artstübli Gallery

2. Wall in Goiás, Brazil

The artist, Fábio Gomes Trindade, plays with the effects of nature to complete his artwork.

3. Pavement art in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Art by “JPS,” Jamie Paul Scanlon

4. Concrete tunnel in Madrid, Spain

By street artist David Villaecija

5. Building façade in Geneva, Switzerland

Artist “Bordalo II” uses waste materials and garbage to create his art. His unique materials also create a unique language, that is meant as a universal manifesto. Here is a half-baby half-Beaver in a corner of Bernex, Geneva, one of the many pieces he has placed around the world.

6. Building wall in England

Art by “JPS,” Jamie Paul Scanlon

7. Façade in the UK

Art by “Midge” from “This Is Midge” collection

8. Façade in Madrid, Spain

The artist “NemO’s” is an Italian street artist, known for his thought-provoking, dark comedy murals, usually inhabited by humanoid figures. Here in Madrid, one of the referred characters seems to be taking advantage of the façade configuration.

9. Street painting in Lisbon, Portugal

The artistic collective Boahora Estúdio has finished their intervention in the Mercado de Arroios as part of the project “A Rua é Sua” (“The Street Is Yours”). The goal was to redesign the geometry of the area intersections, to reduce vehicle speed and create areas for people.

10. Pavement in Alabama, US

Art by Ivann Garc

11. Building wall in California, US

12. Wall in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Art by Ernest Zacharevic, who, in an effort to spawn awareness of the rich history of the streets, has developed a series of interactive art on the walls of the city.

13. Bridge pillar in Lisbon, Portugal

By the 3D artist “odeith” on the Vasco da Gama Bridge, a project sponsored by Urban Art Gallery and Parish Council of Lisbon. A staggering 42-meter-high, hand-painted “LISBOA,” that appears to be cut into the structure.

14. Urban structure in Luxembourg

Urban 3D anamorphic optical illusion, by artist “SCAF

15. Mural in Getafe, Spain

Pop Art Mural Cultura Inquieta (“Restless Culture” in the sense of “unquiet” or “edgy”), by artist “Sen2

16. Wall in Regensburg, Germany

The Coke can angler in an alley of Regensburg’s old town.

17. Pavement in Pasadena, California

By the artist “FLACO,” who repairs damaged sidewalks and pavement with mosaic tiles.

18. Wall and pipes in Colorado, US

19. Wall in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France

Art by Leon Keer, an artist that makes anamorphic and 3D street art, in Boulogne-sur-Mer

20. Parking spot in Texas, US

21. Mural in Morlaix, France

This wall piece called SAFE HOUSE was made by Leon Keer, an artist that makes anamorphic and 3D street art. It intends to pass the message that having a home is a precious gift in life.

22. Pavement in Lyon, France

Signing as “Ememem” this artist is known as “the Pavement Surgeon” because he repairs gouged sidewalks and splintered façades with colorful mosaics.

What do you think of this unusual artwork? Which one of them impressed you the most? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

Preview photo credit Ememem / Instagram
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