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23 Enchanting Tattoos That Look Like Pure Magic

Ink, smooth lines, bright colors and shades turn into unique artworks under a needle of a skillful tattoo artist. Some of them open their mystery under UV light; others were inspired by nature and fresh summer days; third hide a whole different world inside of them and need you to look twice. And there is no doubt — everyone will find something inspiring and warm in these tattoos.

Bright Side created a collection of irresistible tattoo designs that are so awesome, you’ll definitely find a design you like. We can’t wait to share these with you!

1. A sprig of Lenkoran acacia looks incredibly gentle on a collarbone.

2. This tattoo artist gets her inspiration from plants and flowers.

3. Classics that never get old

4. A perfect mixture of lines and shading

5. Goldfish don’t always have to be golden to look simply amazing.

6. A small, tender tattoo is a perfect choice.

7. A small tattoo inspired by one of the best stories ever

8. Simple lines and so much feeling

9. Snakes become extremely cute under the needle of this tattoo artist.

10. A fresh piece of summer will always stay with you.

11. An interesting tattoo idea for sophisticated couples

12. A little feminine accent on the shoulder

13. A suitable tattoo for all daydreamers

14. This peony tattoo looks so realistic, you can almost smell it!

15. A little monkey supports your playful mood and never lets you feel sad.

16. For those who’ve always wanted to have their own dragon

17. 2 simple lines hide a whole wave of warm feelings.

18. This tattoo artist created an amazing uninterrupted tattoo with just one line!

19. The whole world is hidden in this tattoo.

20. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell will always remind you of your inner child.

21. Colorful flowers look good on any part of the body, especially the spine.

22. Wait, this tattoo is actually fading!

23. This tattoo of Patronus gets incredibly magical under a UV light.

Do you have a tattoo? Would you like to get one? Maybe you found one of our ideas suitable for you? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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