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A Malaysian Artist Draws a Fox as His Real-Life Pet, and Now We’re in a Furriness Overload Coma

Sometimes when we watch cartoons or read our favorite online comics, we wish the characters could exist in real life, especially when they’re adorable animals. Yee Chong, an artist from Malaysia, certainly didn’t waste his talent and created a little furry friend for himself that seems very real.

We at Bright Side refuse to believe this is just an illustration and not a real fox, so let’s see what you think of him.

1. “I’m a sandwich!”

2. Looks like he doesn’t like kisses...

3. “Go to sleep, sweet baby of mine.”

4. “When someone you trust finally touches you, and you realize you’ve been starved for physical affection all your life”

5. “The proper way to hold a furry potato”

6. “Sorry for interrupting!”

7. “Fox burger”

8. “Who’s a good fox? You’re a good fox!”

9. “Tooth infections are no fun. Ugh!”

10. “Fur unto us, a fluff is born!”

11. “Bought an espresso machine and he couldn’t wait to try it out.”

12. “The fox trap works!”

13. “Don’t look at me like this, I’m not bringing you along!”

14. “He screams when he wants ice cream.”

15. “Aww, he’s trying to be my favorite web browser.”

16. Who’s this little mischief-maker?

17. When you’re the gift yourself!

18. “Happy Birthday to — STOP THAT’S NOT SNOW!”

19. When you can’t leave your human alone, even for a second:

20. The perfect blep

21. “No, not the broccoli!”

22. “This looks way more delicious!”

23. “hdhsywuyrbdjjsshuwuwyyrh”

24. When you really like corn:

25. “Feels so nice!”

What do you think about this art? What cartoon animal do you wish existed in real life?

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