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An Artist Creates 3D Tattoos That Are So Detailed They Look Like Pure Sorcery

Being a tattoo artist nowadays feels like challenging the whole artistic world. With so many attitudes toward body ink and so many new styles, an average tattoo artist has to literally prove to the world that body art is a decent form of creativity. Today’s article is about a body ink master, who is not afraid of experiments, and for him, the human body is the best canvas for masterpieces.

Here at Bright Side, we were looking at the tattoos of Phil Garcia with our jaws dropping into our boots. We’d love for you to take a look at how a tattooist can keep in mind thousands of tiny details and create tattoos that seem to come alive.

Phil Garcia’s romance with art and drawing started very early.

Phil Garcia was born in San Diego. He has been in love with drawing and art since he was a child. Art was at the beginning his way to escape from boredom while he was at school. In addition to art the artist loves surfing and skateboarding, and with such an active lifestyle, no wonder that one day he opened the world of graffiti art for himself. This moment was a key one when the future ink master realized that he could become a great artist.

The artist began creating tattoos quite unexpectedly, even for himself.

As Phil tells in his story for Tattoonow, he once was just hanging out with his friends at one of the local tattoo shops. There he met a young tattooist who impressed Phil with his talent, as he did amazing tattoos at such an early age, he was just 19 at that time. And this was the crucial moment for Phil to try and finally get started in tattooing.

3. The start of the artist’s career was quite tough and challenging.

Phil started with ordering his first set of machines in 2001. As he said in his interview with Tattoonow, he was quite nervous to do it because it cost a fortune and he yet didn’t know if everything would work out. He also kept watching great tattooists doing their work and learning from them.

The day his machines arrived he was extremely happy. The first thing he did was to sit down and give himself a tattoo which now he thinks was horrible. But at that time he also convinced his friends to come and get a tattoo from him.

The hard-earned success finally came to the artist.

Now, Phil Garcia is a recognized and demanded tattooist with his own unique style. According to Inkppl magazine, his tattoos of roses are “world-famous.” Images of flowers and roses make up a huge part of his works and attract the attention of many people on the artist’s Instagram.

He has his own tattoo studio which is called Inkphiller Studio and spends all his time there giving people a chance to see and wear a real masterpiece on their bodies.

What tattoo style is your favorite one? Which work of Phil Garcia’s has triggered your “Wow-impulse”?

Preview photo credit philgarcia805 / Instagram
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