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15 Weird Foods People Used to Love in the Past

Food culture has continued to evolve over time, but it seems like people in the past were very creative in merging different tastes and creating different shapes of food. We will reveal some of their favorite delicacies and recipes to show you that unthinkable dishes were actually considered edible back in those days.

We at Bright Side compiled 15 pictures of amazingly bizarre foods that people ate and loved in the past.

1. Cranberry candles, for a lovely romantic dinner

2. This Fiesta Peach-Spam Loaf is going to rock the party.

3. It’s called “Ring-Around-the-Tuna” salad and it can shake.

4. People used to love Jell-O salads, but this seems really weird for us now.

5. Bread made with veggies is apparently the perfect match for fish.

6. A riot of colors and tastes: hollandaise, ham, and bananas

7. Canned hamburgers, the fastest fast food

8. It’s a frozen popsicle with beans, wieners, and ketchup. Speechless.

9. It’s a pie plate salad. Why can’t food of the past just be simple?

10. Pineapple! Sausage! Carrots! This is spectacular!

11. This experiment looks extreme.

12. Here’s one more creative salad. People loved gelatin so much.

13. Gelatin and carrots. Yummy!

14. Yes! Party hard with this sandwich!

15. Frozen cheese... Sounds like a dessert, but doesn’t look like one.

Do you remember any weird food from your childhood that is no longer cooked nowadays? Please share your memories with us in the comments!

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