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17 Ways to Serve Food Better Than Any Restaurant Could

Everyone knows that the impression of a dish is influenced not only by its taste, but also by its appearance, the plate it’s on, and the atmosphere it’s served in. But not everyone is willing to bother decorating mashed potatoes with artistically chopped carrots. However, it’s still possible to apply creativity in the kitchen and not overexert yourself. It’s worth putting the salad in a glass or making a symmetrical breakfast for 2 so you’ll have a meal that will remind you of visiting a real restaurant.

We at Bright Side take a creative approach to everything so that our breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are never boring. We urge you to fulfill your culinary fantasies too, and here’s a compilation of photos for inspiration. And at the end of the article, a bonus is waiting for you — we’ll show you what happens when Sauron himself intervenes during food prep.

1. You can do without plates when serving your dishes: “Here’s how we set up the snack table at a party for 75 guests.”

2. Try an unusual serving technique — put salad in a glass.

3. Or serve tiramisu in glasses.

4. Make a symmetrical breakfast for yourself and your loved ones.

5. Decorate your meals — here’s some haunted pumpkin soup!

6. Figures carved from toasted bread make for some unusual salad decor.

7. How do you get your child to love broccoli? Build them into thickets where a lion is hiding!

8. Duck pancakes

9. Cats are appropriate anytime, anywhere!

10. You can put anything from honey with bananas to smoked salmon with ricotta on bruschetta (Italian toasted bread). It’s the perfect breakfast!

11. Even a simple dish can be served strikingly.

12. Create an edible piece of art — like chicken legs baked with grapes and oranges.

13. Special plates for serving food are also important. Here are some French fries and sauces on a rotating platter.

14. You can combine snacks by color.

15. And here’s a ship with snacks at a Viking wedding.

16. Try to come up with foods you usually buy at the store yourself: “A couple of eggs from my chicken, the mushrooms I picked, and the bread I baked!”

17. The most important thing at a table is some good company!

Bonus: “Sauron ruined my pancake.”

Do you have photos of your most successful dishes? Will you show them to us?

Preview photo credit Whatsgoodinyourhood / Reddit
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