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18 Times Chefs Created a Masterpiece but Forgot to Tell Us How to Eat It

There are about 3,000 restaurants in Moscow, 45,000 in Paris, and 148,000 in Tokyo, not to mention bars, cafes, coffee houses, and other public catering places. Of course, business owners are ready to resort to any method to get and surprise customers in the face of such fierce competition. And serving the dishes in a unique way is one of these methods.

We at Bright Side love creativity with all our hearts, but in these 18 cases, it’s a little much.

1. “How do you like these lamb chops on a clothesline?”

2. “I’d be mad if someone brought this to me in a restaurant.”

3. “They put my sweet iced tea in a plastic bag, and then they hung it!”

4. “Eggcelent fried bitterballen”

5. “The one vegetarian entrée at this restaurant is served inside the shell of a dead sea creature.”

6. “Minutes before a tragedy happened”

7. “At least it tasted good.”

8. These noodles were rolled on chopsticks in advance.

9. “How am I supposed to eat this?”

10. “Yes, that’s ice cream in a cactus.”

11. “Don’t tell me what but at least tell me why?”

12. “We ordered maple bacon wings. This was AFTER the waitress came to ‘clean it up’ when we told her it had been pouring off the board.”

13. “My friend got served this grilled cheese monstrosity.”

14. “Are you kidding me?”

15. “Our cocktail was served in an IV bag.”

16. “It’s a marshmallow. It was served on a paver.”

17. “I wonder how much time it took to create this composition.”

18. “An upside-down beverage, you’re supposed to drink with a straw from the saucer”

Have you ever encountered such creativity? Please do tell us in the comments about how you were impressed by how your food was served and if you have photos, please share.

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