21 Hilarious Cakes We Can’t Believe People Really Order

A cake is an essential part of every celebration. If a baker has a good sense of humor, they create cakes that you’ll never forget. Believe us, you’ll always remember a sloth sitting on the moon playing ping pong or a The Simpsons character that looks just like a drawing.

Bright Side has collected 21 unique cakes that will make you cry with laughter. There’s also a bonus image at the end that will make you exclaim, “Wow! That’s incredible!”

21. “You had a chance.”

20. A unicorn that has already eaten a whole cake

19. An incredible night

18. “Where’s the other sock?”

17. An onion cake

16. “My wife made this awesome cake for my birthday today!”

15. A little buddy being blown away by an edible parachute

14. When someone celebrates getting their nose done:

13. There’s no way out.

12. When you’re 4 times 10:

11. Santa ate too much and fell asleep.

10. Mind blowing

9. A sloth playing ping pong and sitting on the moon

8. A cake any man will love

7. The reason why Marge’s hair is so big:

6. “I feel you.”

5. For those who keep a diet:

4. Wishing Jordon good luck

3. #married

2. McDonald’s fans are going to love this.

1. This cake makes our jaws drop.

Bonus: A birthday cake isn’t a birthday cake without candles.

Do you usually order cakes for special events? Share the pictures with us!

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