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15 Inventions That Slipped Under Our Radar, but We Actually Really Need Them

We often deal with issues that could easily be solved by a simple invention — like how we sometimes have trouble finding something inside a bag because it’s too dark. But worry not. This and other problems already have a solution in the form of wonderful, innovative products.

Bright Side searched the web to create a selection of inventions that are sure to make your life easier.

1. “A pill bottle that keeps track of when it was last opened”

2. “My mom bought this lemon sprayer in Peru.”

3. A fishbowl that lets you change the water without having to take out the fish

4. A paint roller that allows you to paint corners more efficiently

5. A bag with automatic lights

6. A rearview mirror you can attach to any handlebar

7. And a cup holder for your coffee to-go!

8. A solar-powered socket you can stick to any window

9. An iPhone case that lets you charge and store your AirPods

10. Say goodbye to pencil shavings or leftover rubber on your desk with the “Clamp Basket.”

11. A clip you can use to seal bags and then pour what you need without making any mess at all

12. 2 bags in 1 so your hands are always free

13. “Leaf” is a silicone attachment that converts any PET bottle into an actual pet bottle.

14. An easy-to-carry bowl so you don’t ever need both hands

15. No more letting your plants die with this planter that irrigates itself!

What is something that you’d like to see invented? Which of these products would you most like to have? Let’s chat in the comments!

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