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16 Weird Things That Are Somehow Very Popular

There are so many unusual things that you can buy: a smartwatch, robot vacuum cleaners, and even small scarves for your ankles. But human fantasy is really unlimited, which is why every season new and original things that seem to be totally useless appear, and over time some of them become leaders on the market.

We at Bright Side have gone through so many AliExpress pages and found the unusual things that are very popular with a lot of buyers.

1. A portable cup for washing dog paws

2. A device for washing the nose

3. Automatic toothpaste holder and presser

4. Anti-stress vase for screaming

5. A leash for children

6. Webbing for swimming

7. Face tape for your face

8. A headset shaped like an old school phone

9. A bread-shaped pillow

10. A soft brick

11. A small microphone for singing karaoke on your phone

12. Face tape for makeup

13. A mask for a cat

14. A portable foot rest

15. A mane for animals

16. A vacuum cleaner for removing blackheads

Tell us which one of these weird things you would like to buy for yourself or give to people you know as a present?

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