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17 Hilarious Desktop Wallpapers That Are Actually Genius

It's amazing how the creativity of some people seems to have absolutely no boundaries! Even a minor detail such as a desktop wallpaper can be turned into a masterpiece.

Tired of ordinary flower and nature pictures on your desktop? We at Bright Side collected 17 photos of the most creative and humorous wallpapers that will inspire you to try something new. Enjoy!

Organization skills – level 90


A cookie for this genius!

Durden knows what's important.

This desktop is cosmic:


Explorer is terrifying.

What could possibly be in this folder?

The best use of 2 screens

Another great idea for dual monitors

And that's how you arrange 4 monitors:

This guy is a genius!

I'll just go and enjoy the view from my window...

The time has come to make a choice, Mr. Anderson.

Great idea for all the football fans out there

I'll just leave this here.

Poor, poor Explorer...

What does your wallpaper look like? Send us a photo in the comments below!

Preview photo credit Wertson / reddit
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