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18 Objects That Make Our Lives Easier Thanks to Their Innovative Design

There are inventions without which we could not imagine our life, from a kitchen roll and a beach chair to a watering can. These things can be used frequently, and sometimes it’s hard for us to think they could be better. However, thanks to design and creativity, these everyday objects were modified to be even more efficient or beautiful than the originals.

1. A refrigerator notepad worthy of a superhero

2. “Watering can and spraybottle”

3. “This funny water bottle I bought”

4. A blanket that helps you relax and feel comfortable for sleep

5. “This Gorilla Glue bottle cap has an actual screw to keep it from sticking.”

6. A new way to wash dishes without getting your hands dirty

7. How to cut hair evenly

8. This is how to protect your dog from annoying and loud noises.

9. A beach chair that has its own shadow and is easy to transport.

10. The space needed for practical cooking

11. “Two-in-one salt and pepper grinder (whichever side points down)”

12. “Now you be good, Pinocchio, and don’t you lie!”

13. Shoes that can be heels or sandals

14. Water bottle with built-in filter

15. Container for sheets to keep them in place

16. Easy to store entertainment for the little ones

17. “This clock that spells out the time.”

18. “I made a reusable grocery shopping list.”

What object that you use on a daily basis do you think could be improved with a novel design?

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