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10+ Mistakes in Housekeeping That Harm Both Our Homes and Our Health

According to research, women spend 3 times more time on household chores than men. As a rule, they cook food, take care of their loved ones, and, of course, do the cleaning. A tidy house is indeed pleasing to our eyes, but only until the moment we find out that in the process of cleaning and taking care of our home, we make mistakes that can harm not only the objects around us but also ourselves.

We at Bright Side like order and tidiness and we also care about our readers. That’s why we recommend that you read about these housekeeping mistakes that don’t bring any good to anyone, even if it seems the other way around.

Using a broom instead of a vacuum cleaner

Of course, it’s much easier to sweep dirt and debris from the floor with a sweeper or a broom, than to vacuum-clean or mop it. But the thing is that a dry sweeper doesn’t collect dust and dirt but instead lifts it all in the air and spreads it across the room. You should use a broom only in the case where you need to quickly collect spilled flour, for example. In all other cases, it is better to use a mop or a vacuum cleaner. As a rule, modern mops are much more convenient to handle than old ones. That’s why mopping dirt from the floor is no longer as difficult a task as it used to be before.

Pouring grease and oil into the drain or toilet

We all know that we shouldn’t throw feminine products, towels, or other big items into the toilet. But few of us know that other smaller things, like grease, shouldn’t get to the drainage pipes either. While it can be easily washed off with hot water and soap from the sink and drained into a pipe, once grease reaches the cold part of the pipe, it will settle on its walls, build up, and lead to blockage and an unpleasant odor. In order to not create a situation when you will have to use chemical detergents or call a plumber, try to avoid putting the wrong harmful things into the drain pipes. The leftovers of the grease can be put into a waterproof bag and thrown in the trash.

Not using a humidifier

The wallpaper in an apartment can become damp and get moldy if there is a constant high humidity. Moreover, carpets, parquet, and laminate also suffer from air that is too humid. At a humidity level of more than 55%, the floor becomes damp, it can swell and deform, and start to creak. But few people know that a lack of humidity is also harmful to the body and can contribute to the development of various diseases — from allergies and dry eyes to bronchitis. In order to take care of your health, it’s not necessary to buy a humidifier. Focus on how you feel and humidify the air more often — an ordinary spray bottle can help you do this.

Washing the toilet and sinks without gloves

We are used to using strong chemical agents (various disinfecting and antibacterial detergents) for washing toilets and sinks. But few housekeepers use these products with protection like gloves and masks on. When in contact with the skin, the active substances can cause irritation and even a chemical burn. Inhaling vapors is also dangerous: the manufacturers themselves recommend using these products only in well-ventilated areas.

Planting big trees near the house

It’s nice to see flowering roses or smell an aromatic bush near your windows. However, experts don’t recommend planting big trees and bushes near the house — their roots can destroy the foundation, while regular watering can spoil the facing. In order to avoid issues in the future, make sure that plantings near the house meet the standards: there must be at least 20 feet from the outer walls of the building to the trunk of the tree (and at least 10 feet to the bushes). Problems with the foundation can lead to the destruction of the house, which definitely won’t enhance the health of its owners.

Keeping windows constantly open

On the one hand, those people whose windows face the sunny side are lucky because they have more light in their apartment. On the other hand, the desire to allow sun rays into the apartment can play a cruel joke on you. All because glass almost completely blocks ultraviolet B rays, but transmits type A rays. These are the rays that cause skin photoaging and make furniture lose its color. The opposite thing, keeping the curtains constantly closed, is dangerous too. According to scientists, sun rays kill some bacteria and put us in a good mood, which is no less important.

Washing the carpet too often

A clean carpet is the pride of any housekeeper. It’s hard to imagine how much time and energy is spent on removing stains and cleaning it. But the thing is that washing it too frequently can harm the carpet, especially carpets that are made of artificial materials and that don’t cost much. The carpet can start to get damp, its glue can stop working, and its colors will lose their clear borders due to the extra humidity — this all can result in the complete spoiling of the item. In order to extend its life, don’t wet it too often and clean the surface in the right way: vacuum the carpet about 2 times a week and launder it at least once a year.

Keeping the door of the washing machine closed

Often, there is not much space in the bathroom where the washing machine is installed that’s why many people keep its door closed. However, when the door is closed, the water inside the machine won’t get dry. Worse yet, increased humidity is the perfect place for bacteria and mold to reproduce. That’s why experts recommend keeping the door a little bit open when the washing machine is not working.

Using hydrogen peroxide that was stored incorrectly

The internet is abundant in recipes where hydrogen peroxide is used as a universal agent for cleaning the house, starting from the stove and ending with the walls. But the thing is that hydrogen peroxide becomes useless if it’s stored incorrectly: it can decompose when exposed to light. The easiest way is to buy a bottle made of opaque plastic or store the product in a cool dark place: only then will it retain its antiseptic properties. In all other cases, it’s better to use special products to clean household surfaces.

Too many plants in the bedroom

The bedroom is the coziest place in your home. But when this room lacks coziness, we start to use various tricks to achieve it: we buy more flowers, knick-knacks, and souvenirs hoping that the strong aroma and bright details will change our perception and that we will feel more comfortable in this room. Indeed, plants improve the microclimate in the house and create comfort, but not while flowering. The strong smell of flowering plants and the carbon dioxide can provoke headaches or just annoy you. If you don’t get annoyed by the smell of flowers, that’s great, but if their aroma affects your sleep, you should relocate the flowers to another place.

An abundance of souvenirs at home

Many people know that the more things you store at home, the more cleaning you’ll have to do. All those figurines and souvenirs are perfect “magnets” for dust and household dust can cause allergic reactions. Moreover, the level of noise can affect your well-being as well. For example, a big aquarium can make some really consistent noises. That’s why the owners will have to choose: to watch the fish and deal with the hum of the purifier or to place the aquarium in a room where its noise won’t disturb their rest.

Which mistakes, in your opinion, can destroy a house and harm its owners? Have you ever poured grease down the sink?

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