20 People Who Went From Getting One Plant to Having Their Own Little Jungle at Home

Once you see a plant grow it is hard to stop. There are so many different shapes and sizes that any space in the house can be made more harmonious with the help of a potted plant. Some may think that they need a place outside to have a small green landscape, but the reality is that there are those who have a knack for making a cactus bloom and those whose plastic flowers will wilt.

Bright Side knows it’s hard to control the urge to buy one more green friend, so we are bringing you a compilation of photos to show you that you’re not the only one with this green hobby.

1. “My mom’s Monstera”

2. “The company I work for went out of business and during the liquidation we were able to take home store fixtures so I turned this one into a mini herb garden.”

3. There is so much life in this room that even the stuffed pig looks happy.

4. “Day 1 vs Day 425. Can’t imagine going back.”

5. “From Lowe’s clearance rack to thriving office plant.”

6. “This escalated quickly...”

7. “Just showing off the plant shelf I built for $150!”

8. “You gotta do what you gotta do when you only have a sliver of a south-facing window. 🥲”

9. “On this week’s episode of Hoarders...”

10. “What a difference 4 years makes✨🌿🤍📷🐶”

11. “I don’t want to leave my room in the morning.”

12. “My little orange tree”

13. “How I started and how my room is going...”

14. “She spent the winter with some casualties, but right now I love summer.”

15. “The only queen of my jungle”

16. “It is a total pain in the ass to water all these guys, but they make me so happy!”

17. “I turned 30yo week ago, and that’s my birthday photo 🌱🥳🌱”

18. “Our SF apartment”

19. “Took a family portrait today”

20. “Decided it was time for my own family photo”

Do you have plants at home? Show us your favorite and tell us how it came into your home.

Preview photo credit happy_jakub / Reddit
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