20 Skilled People Who Know How to Spice Up Their Interior

A professional designer is good, but a self-trained person with skilled hands is even better. These people can easily decorate their home without the help of an expert, and bring their own ideas to life.

Would you like to know how they do it? Then look through this selection of photos that inspired us, at Bright Side, to create unique interior accessories.

“I made a bonsai tree that I can’t kill!”

“My wife nailed it with this custom painted dresser for our son’s room.”

“I turned some unused circuit-boards into a map.”

“I needed some space for my plant, so I created a spiral macramé plant holder.”

“My parents are separating and my mom’s been taking it pretty hard. But since my dad’s moved out, she’s been buying several decorative home items that he always thought were tacky and unnecessary.”

“This was on the porch today and it moved me that she’s staying positive through this.”

“When you can’t afford the real deal you have to make your own Banksy.”

“Ottomans that I made with my wife. She knit and upholstered, and I did the woodworking.”

“I completed a Harry Potter-themed suitcase dresser for our first child’s nursery!”

“My mom didn’t want to part with the crib she used for her children and grandkids.”

“So I made it into this with the names and dates of birth of each kid who slept in it. Hopefully she will like it.”

“I upholstered this chair using used jeans.”

“We just moved into this house but we’ve been unable to shop for unique items so far. So we jazzed up a cheap IKEA wardrobe with wallpaper.”

“I made this green tulip gourd lamp with my own hands.”

“My mom’s 83, and a retired upholsterer. She doesn’t want to let any fabric go to waste. So, she created these llamas.”

“My 3-year-old was concerned that Santa wouldn’t be able to deliver gifts to our family because our home didn’t have a fireplace.”

“She and I have spent the last few weeks ‘building’ this to ease her worries. I am so happy with how it turned out.”

“I used all the birth cards we received to make a nice nursery decoration!”

“I made a little sloth plant buddy! What do you think?”

“Do you like our Christmas tree topper?”

“I was gifted with a bunch of old, broken violins and decided to make use of them.”

“I feel very cute and accomplished.”

“Guys, look at how big this rug that I made is.”

Have you tried to make any DIYs for your home? Show them in the comments below.

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