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An Artist Photoshops Celebrities With Their Younger Selves and It Shows How Time Changes All of Us (15+ Pics)

Time is fleeting, and even though it seems like nothing is changing, in a blink of an eye, everything is different. To show just how powerful time is, Ard Gelinkc, a photoshop artist, creates stunning imagery of celebrities side-by-side with their younger selves.

We at Bright Side were in awe of the results, and we truly believe you’ll really get a kick out of the following 20 images.

1. Matt LeBlanc

2. Keanu Reeves

3. Jennifer Lopez

4. Tom Felton

5. Lady Gaga

6. Emma Watson

7. Brad Pitt

8. Bruce Willis

9. Ellen DeGeneres

10. Johnny Depp

11. Jennifer Aniston

12. Drake

13. Will Smith

14. Ryan Reynolds

15. Macaulay Culkin

16. Taylor Swift

17. Leonardo DiCaprio

18. Tom Hanks

19. Julia Roberts

20. Richard Gere

Who of these celebrities do you think changed the most over time? Share your past-and-present photos in the comment section.