15+ Children Who Stepped Up and Acted Like Little Adults

When we have very young children, we tend to think that they are fragile, that they need us for everything, and that without us they would not know what to do. We think that if we get sick, if we can’t spoil them with gifts or any other things they like, or if we simply are not there for them at the right time, everything will fall apart. Until something happens and we actually can’t be there to take care of them, entertain them, or comfort them. That’s when they step up to the challenge and show us all their wisdom. Yes, even if they are only 2 years old.

Bright Side read the comments written by our readers about their children and brought you the ones that touched us the most and made something very clear: children have an infinite capacity for empathy that exceeds our expectations, by far.

  • I went to my son’s school to do some errands I had to run and it was around the time kids would go to recess. I looked to see if I could find him on the playground and then I spotted him with his classmate. The other boy was blind and my son was actually guiding him... I was so moved when I saw that happening, my son had never told me anything about what he does 🥰... © Patricia Alejandra Munizaga Ibarra / Facebook

  • Once, my son fell and hurt his eyebrow. He was crying and he was in pain. As soon as I saw him, I couldn’t help but cry as well. When he noticed that I was crying, he wiped his tears and despite his pain, he told me in a firm voice: “Alright! That’s enough.” He was 2 years old. © Sarai Torres Santiago / Facebook

  • Ever since my daughter was little, I’ve tried to give her at least little bit of pocket money every Sunday to thank her for helping out around the house. When she was about 5 years old, she raised enough money to buy us pizzas and for me to not have to cook for the day. I told her that I could not accept it, because that money was for her to buy whatever she wanted and she said that that was what she wanted: to buy us a pizza and for me to rest — then I felt bad for having rejected her gesture of love and I told her that it was ok, that I would accept that she would buy a pizza and that I would buy the other one. And she was happy and went around telling everyone that she had bought us lunch to eat with her own money. © Georgina Monserrat Contreras Gamez / Facebook

  • My son told me that once he was worried because he couldn’t find his homework anymore so he searched on Google: “What to do when you lose your homework?” It turned out that Google’s answer was to tell his teacher. Then my boy thought Google hadn’t helped him at all, because if he told the teacher, then he’d have 2 people angry at him: his teacher and his mom! I can’t help but burst out laughing when I remember his predicament. © Kenia Leticia Jimenez / Facebook

  • Once, when my son was about 3 years old, I had to go to the bank and I had to take him with me. There was a long line and at some point, I started complaining about how tired I was. Then my son said, “Well then, sit down,” and I replied that I didn’t have a chair. A few seconds later, I hear a noise coming from somewhere... It was my son dragging a chair across the bank for me to sit. I had to tell him that he couldn’t do that, but everyone who noticed smiled tenderly, and I was so moved I felt like crying... © Daleth Herrera / Facebook

  • I remember one time I was babysitting my little sister. She was just learning how to walk, so most of the time she still had to hold on to furniture, the wall, or the doors so she wouldn’t fall. My dad bought her a box of cookies for babies. She loved them and she wanted more, but he told her that enough was enough, put the box on the edge of a cabinet that was next to a door, and then left. I stayed with her and noticed that she wanted to grab the cookies, so I told her she couldn’t eat any more cookies. She stood there for a while watching the box — after a while, I saw her hold on to the door next to it and start moving it until she made the box finally fall down. She was only 2 years old — the way she sat there and figured out how to get to those cookies was so amazing 😮. © Julie Díaz / Facebook

  • My mom got sick and we had to put her on oxygen. When my little girl found out how much it costs just to refill a single tank, she took her money out of her piggy bank and said, “Here, Mommy, for my grandma’s oxygen,” I was heartbroken. I took it and thanked her. Then I put it back in her piggy bank, of course. © Zeny Perez / Facebook

  • My mother always takes care of my daughter while I go to work. One day, she had a bad migraine and although I had told her she could leave her with a neighbor, she preferred to stay with my little girl... Before I left, I told my daughter to behave herself because grandma was sick. When I asked the neighbor to go and check on them, she immediately called me saying that my 2-year-old had told her in a low voice: “Don’t talk, she is sick — thank you.” After that, every time my mother feels just a little sick, my girl tells us all not to talk and she strokes her grandma’s head. © Diana Johana Ramirez / Facebook

  • My 6-year-old son grew up with 2 older cousins. He plays heavy and never sits still. I thought he would always be like this and would have trouble with the younger kids because he didn’t know when to stop and take it easy. A while back, we went to a party and my son was playing with kids his age, kicking the ball around. Then suddenly a baby, about a year and a half old, came through to chase the ball and my son ran over, picked it up with his hands, and carefully gave it to the baby. It was so moving and cute at the same time! 🥰🥰 © Fanny HG / Facebook

  • My 6-year-old son can be very absent-minded sometimes. He is still very smart, he even learned to read by himself before he was 3 years old. One day, I was a little tired and fell asleep on the couch... I woke up when I felt him cover me with a blanket — when he saw that I had opened my eyes, he told me he didn’t want me to catch a cold. © Darling Rossel Henríquez / Facebook

  • I was recently ill and my biggest concerns were my 2 children, ages 7 and 3, being taken care of. I was so surprised when I realized that my oldest son was devoted to taking care of his little sister by giving her food that was already prepared and keeping an eye on her during this time. He even helped with tidying up the house. Since that day, I don’t look at him in the same way I used to 😊. © Dayanara Reyes / Facebook

  • When my grandson was 3 years old, one day I went to pick him up from daycare. As I was driving, I noticed that where he was sitting in the car, the sun was shining directly into his face. Since I didn’t want to stop to move the car seat, I thought it would be easier to give him my sunglasses, and he put them on. When we finally got home, I saw that he had broken them and asked him what had happened. He just shrugged his shoulders and said: “Oh, grandma, well why did you give them to me in the first place?” And of course, what else could I expect would happen when giving glasses to a baby boy? © Diana Aquino / Facebook

When was the last time your child went far beyond what you expected of them at the time and took on an adult attitude? Why do you think that happened?

Preview photo credit Diana Johana Ramirez / Facebook
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