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17 People Who Made Their Families Laugh Harder Than Usual

The benefits of exchanging jokes within the family go beyond having icebreakers or funny distractions. Having a sense of humor can help the kids connect with their peers at school and help them improve certain verbal skills. Good thing, each family usually has at least one person who has the special ability to make their loved ones laugh — just like the people on this list.

1. “This is how my niece insists on holding her new baby brother.”

2. “Had my leg amputated and my brother shows up to the hospital dressed as a pirate.”

3. “It’s my first Father’s Day, am I doing it right?”

4. “My niece decided to do her own makeup today.”

5. “My sister’s attempt at drawing Miley Cyrus somehow ended up as Nicolas Cage.”

6. “I asked my sister how she was getting on with her new puppy. This was the reply...”

7. “Daughter picked out masks and weapons to scare Mom when she gets home from work. I love my 6-year-old.”

8. “My daughter and her husband bought me this little guy. I thought it was because it was a Harley gnome. They thought it looked like me.”

9. “My nephew decided that he wanted to learn how to use a trimmer.”

10. “My grandma didn’t like the way her legs looked in this picture, so she just cut them out.”

11. “My sister had a portion of her colon removed because of a disease. I gave her this shirt to celebrate a successful surgery.”

12. “So my brother and I did this for our mom.”

13. “My sister posted a picture on Facebook, and my dad responded.”

14. “My mom brought me lunch to work one day. She loves a good this is what she packed.”

“I work in an office, so, of course, 2 of my colleagues walked in on me giggling hysterically taking selfies with it to send to her.”

15. “My wife thinks she’s funny. Had my vasectomy today.”

16. “I put a magnifying plate up to my son’s face and it’s just magnificent.”

17. “I just swaddled my 6’3” tall, 17-year-old son. He was jealous of his 21″, 3-day-old sister."

Do you laugh a lot with your loved ones? What is your favorite inside joke from your family?

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