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17 Stories That Show How Adults Handle Life With Kids

There should be many funny stories and situations if a kid is in the house. Children are so pure and direct that they don’t care about your reaction. They see and they do. If your daughter tried picking the lock to your car with a barrette and it stuck, don’t get angry. She was just trying to help you.

We at Bright Side never get bored with children and want to share 17 pics of how adult life can change if they are near.

1. “I showed this picture of my cat to my friend’s 3 y.o. daughter, and she started to cry because she thought the cat lost an arm.”

“She was holding the cat when I showed her the picture.”

2. “My daughter tripped and fell 2 days ago at the library. I had knee surgery and now she is vicariously experiencing her pain through me.”

3. “My sister fakes drowning the moment my mom looks away for a photo.”

4. “All the hard work in the world.”

5. “My child offered me a whopping $1.21 in exchange for a hundred dollars.”

6. “My niece took 457 selfies on my phone that all look like this.”

7. “My brother said his 3 y.o. daughter showed him this in her play microwave.”

“He didn’t remember the last time they had spaghetti for dinner.”

8. “My coworker’s daughter tried picking the lock to his car and got the barrette stuck.”

9. “Not sure which kid is more empty-headed. My granddaughter for trying to tip the guy $885 million, or my daughter for leaving her unlocked phone within reach of a toddler.”

10. “My son got stuck in a stool.”

11. “I bought 6 doughnuts: 2 for me, 2 for my wife, and 2 for my daughter. After telling her she couldn’t have my last doughnut, she did this.”

12. “My 2 lovely, brilliant, bright sons. One playing a game on the iPad, the other chewing on the remote control.”

13. “After getting home, my son complained that there was something in his boot, hurting his foot. He took them off and poured these wood chips out.”

14. “My son came to me and said, ’How do I get my keys off?’”

15. “My niece, who I treated nicely in the 3 hours she stayed, decided that doing this to me was a good idea.”

16. “Ran out of toilet paper. I asked my 3-year-old to bring me some from the other restroom. Here’s what she brought me. In this exact form.”

17. “She decided to try to fit between the sliding door and the screen.”

How many kids do you have? Do they make your life less routine?

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