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18 Families That Can Easily Become a Plot for a Comedy Show

A family can be an endless source of jokes. People who are close to one another, no matter their ages, are always ready to give new reasons to laugh. These funny situations make great memories that get brought up again and again at family get-togethers over the years — and some of them even get shared on the Internet, much to the delight of readers.

We at Bright Side love family stories and we like to share them with our readers even more.

1. “My friend’s dad is Asian Danny Devito.”

2. “My mom told me not to take another 4-legged friend from the shelter. And I always listen to my mom. So here is my new rescue.”

3. A win-win approach

4. “This photo my dad took of me at Machu Picchu”

5. The power of a superhero

6. “My parents took my 4-year-old nephew to Disney World this week, and they were afraid he would get bored of all the princesses.”

7. “My dad was helping me clean my apartment. He picked up my VR controller and asked, ’Do I wanna know what this is? I’m not judging.’ Please send help.”

8. A life hack for introverts

9. “Every year, I get my family a Christmas gag gift based on my dog. This year, it’s replica slippers.”

10. When you know the true power of written documents, even in childhood:

11. “My mom sent me these pics of the hat she made her dog and I’m cackling.”

12. Well, at least he’s honest...

13. “My parents don’t have grandkids yet so they decided to display all of the ’granddogs’ on the wall instead.”

14. This boy’s friends will definitely hear this story in 15 years.

15. “I forgot that my mom bought a buffalo. He scared me.”

16. If life gives you lemons...

17. “My niece’s hiding spot”

18. “I left my kids alone to take a shower.”

Who in your family is the main source of awkward situations? We’d be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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