20 Father-Daughter Duos With Bonds as Strong as Steel

When fathers take an interest and actively participate in their daughters’ lives, these girls are likely to feel more worthwhile and reach academic achievements, researchers say. But we don’t need many official studies to see proof of how the world gets better when there’s a father who loves you to the moon and back.

We at Bright Side can’t wait to share pictures that portray this huge love that exists between a father and daughter.

1. “Daddy, congratulations for putting natural African hair into the Guinness World Records. I’m so proud to call you my hero.”

2. “This was taken after open-heart surgery. I’m so proud of her fighting spirit.”

3. “My little cutie is almost 3 weeks old now, and she loves sleeping on her daddy’s chest.”

4. “My baby girl got here 6 days ago, and I learned very quickly that you sleep when they sleep.”

5. “She said she’d make me pretty. She didn’t lie.”

6. “Her first pair — she’s loving them.”

7. “This is how my baby girl watches TV with me!”

8. “She’s 3 and demanded we both be princesses.”

9. “Daddy, come dance with me!”

10. “My daughter absolutely insists on ’helping’ me with whatever I’m doing.”

11. “I tried giving our daughter her first shoulder ride.”

12. “I basically let my business fall apart so I could become best friends with my daughter. No regrets!”

13. “Recreated a photo of my dad with me at 5 weeks old. Here is me with my daughter, also at 5 weeks.”

14. “Coming home from deployment to see my daughter”

15. “My buddy Joe brought the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory to Pittsburgh. These are free community classes.”

16. “I love that anytime I’m nearby she has to have some kind of contact with me.”

17. “My 6-year-old daughter has been asking for months to have a mohawk like her daddy. I cut it for her today.”

18. “Having a daughter means you have to encourage her interests and step out of your comfort zone.”

19. “Headlamps and French braids. We know how to party.”

20. “Daughter returns the favor...”

How did your father spoil you when you were a kid? Do you have heartwarming photos with your father? Please share them with us!

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