20 Men Honestly Showed Us What It’s Like to Be a Single Father

In many societies, people still believe that mothers care more about their children and fathers only help in their free time and don’t have that big of a responsibility. But it’s not always true, and these single fathers bust that myth.

We at Bright Side even teared up while attempting to choose the photos for this article and reading stories of their authors. At the end of the article, there’s a bonus for you: a child’s opinion about living with a single father.

“As a single dad of 2 boys, I present to you: clothing prep on Sunday.”

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“Had to go to the ER but first I had to get my 9-year-old off to school. She surprised me by making us breakfast.”

“It was the best thing I’ve ever tasted.”

“Been a single father for close to a year. Proud to be showing these fireworks to this little guy.”

“Single dad of 3 after the presents are opened: kids are happy so I’m happy. Merry Christmas, everyone.”

“Single dad today traveling with 2 toddlers — I think I’ve got the snacks figured out.”

“May not be up to par with some pictures online, but I’ve been trying hard.”

“It’d be nice if cashiers stopped asking if they’re for me and smirking.”

“My daughter asked me to give her stuffed bunny a bath. She’s at her mom’s so I sent her this.”

“Single dad special, sugar cookie and succotash casserole”

“Gotta love playing hide and seek with my son, as you can see, he’s obviously the best at it.”

“First attempt at Valentine’s Day box since getting custody last April. She’s the designer. I was assembly. Looking forward to more of this!”

“Being a single dad finally pays off! Kids got me this for my b-day (a few weeks late but still made my day).”

“Heard some clanking around in the kitchen and came in to find this. I wonder what my daughter (2 years old) wants for breakfast...”

“Make time for the little things.”

“Been teaching my boy patience through fishing.”

“Is it just me or does anyone else have to buy their child a car every single time they go grocery shopping?”

“When your little girl asks you to do your nails too. There’s only one thing to say.”

“7 months ago, when I became a single dad, my daughter didn’t have a lot of toys. This is what her room looks like now.”

“My daughter turns 4 today. This is my first attempt at a cake as a single dad. I hope she likes it!”

Bonus: “I just want to give a shout-out to my dad who is a single dad with 2 grown-up sons and me, his teenage daughter.”

“He’s had to buy girly things all by himself for me for 12/17 years and he does a pretty good and dignified job. I love you, Daddy. You’re a strong man.”

Tell us about your dad — what things did he do or say that you remember the best?

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