20 People Who Just Found Out Something Cool About Their Families

When looking through a family album, you might reveal things you haven’t heard about before. Imagine finding a pic where you see how your mom and dad met for the first time, or where you find out your grandma was a model! People in this article were just innocently flipping through the pages of their albums and what they found is quite unbelievable.

Today Bright Side wants to shine a light on these 20 warm stories that will take you back in time.

1. My parents on their wedding day in the early ’80s. His dad said my mom was *scandalous* for wearing black to her wedding.

2. “My grandma meeting Eminem in the early 1990s.”

3. “My great-grandma (second from right) and her sister (far left) as actresses in a silent movie in the 1920s”

4. “My step-mom was a cheerleader in The Best of Times (1986) with Robin Williams.”

5. "My younger brother and I after we were just adopted

“It was going to be just me, but they found my brother living on the other side of the orphanage, so our parents took us both.”

6. My mom always said she wasn’t pretty. Just found this photo of hers and she’s just amazing!

7. “I’ve never seen a picture of my parents together in my life, and I’m almost 40. I found one and these are my parents in 1975.”

8. “My parents met at a toga party in 1978.”

9. “My dad and I, 1987-88. He loved bringing me camping. I apparently didn’t know what we were doing.”

10. “My grandma in the 1940s, I didn’t know she played until I saw this picture.”

11. “I didn’t know my grandma was a car model, around the 1940s.”

12. “I didn’t even know my mom was into music... She’s out there with my aunt during summer camp, playing the guitar.”

13. “My friend’s dad at an Eagles game in 1981 — he didn’t know this existed until he spotted it in the end credits of the movie Invincible.

14. “Found a box at my parents’ house where I found this gem of my grandma (left) and grandpa (right) during Halloween of 1962.”

15. “Found out my grandma was in a beauty contest in 1955...”

16. “Christmas 1974 — I was ecstatic that Santa came to our house. I found out later it was our neighbor.”

“He went out and bought the suit to surprise kids in the neighborhood. We were pretty poor, so no mall Santa’s for us.”

17. “My girlfriend’s grandmother. We just found out she was in a traveling circus all over Europe and danced on top of elephants.”

18. “I just found out my uncles and great uncles used to be in a band and got into the paper! ”

19. “My mom is a typical church lady, who goes about 4-5 times a week. I just found out she was a disco pop girl in the ’80s.”

20. “Found out today about my mom’s brief modeling career. 1974, San Diego.”

Is there anything about your family that you’ve found out lately? Do you have pics? Share them in the comment section and let the whole world know your story!

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