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21 Stories That Show the Dad Way Is a Good Way

They come up with the strangest solutions, improvise on the go, take photos at inappropriate moments — and more often than not — behave like kids. Dads, obviously! Those magical beings can be our own or borrowed; either way, they play a key role in our lives.

We at Bright Side know the power of “daddyhood,” and found some really special moments that you’ll probably either relate to or laugh about. Hopefully both!

1. “Hand mixer burns out while making cupcakes?”

2. “Recently became a dad. This is the way.”

3. “My daughter when she said she wanted to be a Transformer for Halloween”

4. “Reason #82 why dads shouldn’t be left alone with their kids”

5. “Wife’s parents: You’re a dad now; you don’t have time to play games all day. Me:”

6. “Was at my kid’s school for a costume parade. One dad misunderstood in the best way possible.”

7. “Baby-proof gaming”

8. “Just moved and hadn’t found the booster seat yet... but I did have some paracord.”

9. “My husband almost half a year after having our twins”

10. “One of my wife’s favorite pictures of a classic ’dad moment’:”

“My two boys climbing on my back laughing maniacally with joy while I struggle to breathe.”

11. “My dad... ’trying out the plot he just purchased’”

12. “Me, absolutely wrecked on PS1 by my dad”

13. “My husband grew up without a dad. My dad is taking him on his first father-son campout today.”

14. “Brand-new dad and brand-new son. Completely candid”

15. “Are there any other dads out there who like to make their kid clothes?”

16. “Having 9-month twins is about giving in to the chaos and just letting them climb on you.”

17. “Dad solutions... Bo’s sleepy suit was too big, and I needed a safe solution so he doesn’t suffocate.”

18. His son was hospitalized for the first 6 months of his life. He joined the 501st Legion to participate in events for people going through rough times.

19. “Put on my dad’s uniform today and began the journey of fatherhood!”

“I had to use my dad’s actual shoes ’cause my wife wouldn’t let me buy dad shoes.”

20. “Dad went last-minute shopping and came out as Fat Thor to take my son trick-or-treating lol.”

21. “Just wait until you have kids! They’ll be afraid of your tattoos! -My father, 2014”

What photo from the list was your favorite dad moment? Did your father also come up with “dad solutions” to life’s problems? What do you and your dad like to do together?

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